Simple Idea to A Huge Business Success - Rinseroo | Ep. #007

November 17, 2021 | Author: Andrew Maff




On this 7th episode of The E-Comm Show, our host Andrew Maff is with Lisa and Jake Lane of Rinseroo where they talk about how the best ideas (and products!) happen in the shower, plus practical steps to take to make your idea a reality–from ideation to manufacturing, marketing, and distribution. 


Make sure to check out this episode with the power couple who reinvented rinsing as they share their learnings and experiences of selling on Amazon, organically growing their reach (thanks to influencers!), the importance of proper keyword research, and how to educate consumers with a new product solution. 


Tune in and enjoy today's E-comm Show!

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About Lisa Lane

Lisa Lane is the inventor of the Rinseroo, a patented slip-on shower attachment hose, that she dreamt up while she was cleaning her shower and bathing her dog. She was filling a bucket over and thought “There has got to be a better way!”
Her success story is one that most inventors dream of, that of seeing an idea brought from concept to fruition and then on to achieve significant commercial success. She now runs the “Rinseroo” business full time and her company, Lane Innovations, is headquartered in New Jersey.
Her goal is to re-invent the way people rinse, clean, and bathe and she is well on her way to seeing her dream come to fruition.




If you can answer questions that make you say, hey this thing is anybody could possibly use this then you really have something that could sell.



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Jake of Rinseroo



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Hello, everyone, and welcome to The E-commerce Show. I am your host Andrew Maff. And today we have a great episode with President Lisa Lane, president of RinseRoo, and her son Jake, who is e-commerce manager at brands through Lisa Jake, how are you guys doing right forget Show.



Hey, yeah, thanks for having us. We're pumped.



Oh, yeah, I'm so excited for this one. I love having a good just one of those products where it was invented. And you're like, why didn't I think of that? And obviously, it's great to be able to have someone like yourself on the show. So why don't we do the usual pretend that no one knows who you guys are? And why don't you give us a little bit of background about Renfrew and yourselves and we'll go from there. Okay, yeah, sure.



So basically, you know, we and this sort of all started as an aha moment in my shower I back in the day was a pharmaceutical rep I was you know, working part-time at the time and wasn't really planning to be an entrepreneur but this moment happened in my shower. I was living at the beach in New Jersey and with my extended family there were 15 of us and all we had for dogs and I was cleaning showers and bathing dogs like continuously and it just got to be very you know I'm like this is just awful I was filling a bucket over and over to rinse the shower walls and rinse the dogs and I thought there's got to be a better way and literally, so the aha moment happened right there in my shower. And I thought if there could be a better way to do this like come up with a better mousetrap so to speak. I could actually have a mass-market product here like you know everybody has a dog everybody has a shower. And then Jay came along my son and he kind of helped me imagine how we can make this happen so do you want to kind of tell them what you thought up?



Yeah, kinda I mean it was so long ago that that happened but while we were just in there trying to figure out some way to COVID an easy way to attach them to the shower that we could rinse off the walls as you said out of them the car was like well it'd be easy if someone could just stretch over there because you know everybody wants to install the handheld but then you got to get the wrench out you got to put the sealing tape on there you're screwing things on not everybody wants to do that. So yeah, I mean it was kind of a silly little suggestion, and then she took it to the next level so yeah,



so we came up here we came up with a rubbery connector that will attach to any sink showerhead and you can travel around the house with it you can rinse walls and rinse dogs and that's kind of the backstory of how it all came to be






I always say the best idea has happened in the shower so it does it doesn't shock me so you know it's actually really funny so I you know we reached out you guys said you want to be on the show we're super excited and I was like okay, let me kind of get a little background into your product. And I was so upset. I moved into a new home like two years ago and right when we moved in we had a showerhead it's just showerhead and I got a big old golden retriever that showering him with one of those things a nightmare. I was like alright great. I need a Home Depot and get one with the actual like broke thing and like yeah, I can figure it out. I'm like okay, I can do this. I'm handy. Wrong. I broke it and had to have a plumber come out and fix the whole thing. It was a whole process just because I tried to put like a $20 thing on there. I was so upset so when I saw your product I was like come on like I wish I knew



we didn't meet a few months ago we couldn't really know the other thing too is people don't just have one shower so you know Andrew you you potentially you maybe have two or three bathrooms imagine doing that three times you know if you have the rinse rule you just you travel around the house with the thing so it's really it's really taken off it's it's a fun product and it's been pretty we've been happy you know successful with it been fine.



And I see it also works on a sink correct? Not just a shower.



It does Yeah, so you can use it in like a utility saying you can roll the connector down if it's obviously with the showerheads, it's more stretchy and it sticks on there better. But you can just kind of roll it so creates a tighter seal and you could pop it on a sink for said utility sake you can go over the edge fill a bucket on the floor like it really is quite versatile. You can pretty much use it for everything. If you think someone how to so that's great



so Lisa obviously you invented the product but Jake Was you the one who's like no mom Come on We gotta we got to make this thing we got to take it out the market like we're gonna be rich let's do it



No I can't I can't take too much credit I can give myself a little bit of credit as I said before coming up with the stretchy idea but I was on my way to college kind of right as this whole thing started so I mean I went to school for risk management insurance and my last two years of school are when this thing started really pick up I just graduated in 2020 and in the spring when I started looking for jobs my mom called me she's like well Jake like I need your help I'll offer you a job and then here I am like almost a year and a half later and I'm pretty much left my risk management insurance degree behind it I'm loving the e commerce thing and I can't complain but I can't give myself too much credit for the invention but here I am Wednesday humble appreciate



it so what's what's the day to day like for both of you so your econ manager at least I know you're president like what's what is everyone's typical day



yeah I mean well we both you know it's great because we can work remotely anywhere you know now we're at the beach it's it's beautiful we can you know get get all our work done here but we're both working full time at it and the beauty of our working together is that his strengths are not mine he's great at you know logistics and shipping and and just managing inventory and all that kind of stuff he unloads trucks when we get containers from overseas he loves it it's like a workout for him and I'm more like I like sales and marketing I was a pharmaceutical rep back in the day I love that I you know so we you know we complement each other but it's definitely full time and it's you know we're scaling it and growing it and we may have to add some people down the road but for now it's just



yeah no it's definitely so I'm more like packing orders like she said scheduling trucks organizing the storage keeping the inventory straight, but it's definitely getting to getting to that point where we're both kind of like oh my gosh, like it's it's definitely picking up to that point where we might need to add somebody on but



so you don't have your own warehouse.



I wouldn't say that no, that is that is the goal right now we're kind of in the middle phase trying to figure out exactly where that that is we have a station in the basement where we have a ton of red screws and I have my little section when I'm packing taping getting things ready and then we have some storage units down the storage facility in town but trucks picking up there some days some at home and I'm switching it up I have ups coming here so it's kind of kind of all over the place at the moment but we're lucky enough to have like a storage place that's just five minutes down the road. So it's not too bad but it's not ideal so hopefully soon we'll have a spot where we can kind of have everything in one central location it's just a matter of time timing and getting to that point and finding the right place but right now it's working out for us



nice How long have you guys been in business?



We actually launched it's been a 2019 mark so a little bit over two years but I would say like from concept to fruition was a couple years as well so like Jake said when he started he went to Florida State back what five years ago



2016 yeah started I'd say



2016 was when we were just sort of conceptualizing and starting to get serious Yeah, but two years little over two since we launched



and have you I try not to get into specific numbers for obvious competitors who I hope are not listening to the show. But have you have you surpassed seven figures it yes yes What do you think it was that helped you get over that initial hump because that I find that that's usually one of the hardest things to break when you first break seven figures is when that's real first difficulty area it's usually like one and five then like 10 but what kind of helped you get over that



get over I don't I don't quite understand the question get over the



what helps you scale to that helped



us get scale it to that you mean yes. Oh I guess on Amazon it's just all about ranking right like you just want you know everything whatever you probably know more than I do Andrew the marketing guru right you know it's rank it's it's that algorithm that Amazon uses you want you know you want good reviews you want to you know you want to always be in stock. Um, you know, I don't know what there anything else that is most of our businesses, Amazon, right?



Yeah, most of our businesses Amazon, I would say, like you said, keeping things in stock. We recently had an explosion in sales and rather than us kind of like sitting and waiting for the stock to get to Amazon we switched over to fulfill by merchant and like we were working that entire week. Like 8am to 11pm just because we don't want that out of stock to affect our rank yeah I feel like if you if we got lazy you'd be like oh it stinks we ran out of stock it'll get there in like four or five days when in reality you want to capitalize off that boost and keep those things up so sometimes you just have to work a few extra hours and have a couple of nights to keep it going because it would stink to like backtrack you know you get that boost and all sudden you're back to where you are you got to keep the momentum going



so what was interesting which really helped us get there we just randomly had like Tick tock tick tock influencers right? They just like one one person she posted a video of it went viral it's got like 3 million views so literally we were selling like a read through every minute after that happened and then boom they share it with another influencer or somebody gets tagged we had like cleaning influencers with like four and a half million followers posting their Instagram like this is like a dream come true so catapulted it and then as you know once you get ranked on Amazon and you're getting that turnover and the purchases it's the rest is just history so it's been it's been awesome for sure.



So you're obviously majority your business on Amazon like you'd mentioned where else are you guys selling right now?



We're mostly ecommerce so we do you know, we do chewy calm eBay that's primarily it right now.



You have your own website to correct yes, our



own website when Subaru calm Yeah, yeah, it's just so easy. And you know, we want to kind of right now it's just the two of us are the thought of like, we'd love to be in retail, but scale it like that, which is the two of us, we want to make sure that we do it slowly and methodically and in a way that really makes sense that we can manage



it with Amazon, like all the control we have over in the resources that Amazon gives you it's pretty, pretty unbeatable, especially for the numbers you can do so



yeah. So it's just the two of you guys have any outsourced work that you're working with like any freelancers, ye interns, anything like that,



we have a little bit of help, like running our social media is doing things like that, reaching out to influencers, sending out free products and stuff like that. And then we have a little bit of help with our Amazon ads as well. Nice. So checking up on



the Amazon ads is an interesting question only because I always find specifically for products like yours, no one really knows it exists. So typically Amazon, you know, they have the intent of shopping for something that they have a problem and they know what solution they're looking for in your case, you know that the user has a problem, but you have you're presenting a new solution. So how have you guys been able to kind of go around that that problem and actually kind of educate the consumer behind your product as being a good solution?



Yeah, you know, it's interesting, I mean, as you know, you being in marketing and all that, like the key on Amazon is just do your homework we we did a lot of keyword research. And you find you know, we kind of know what category you want to be in, we know it could be a pet, you know, pet hose or shower cleaning hose, whatever. We just made a list of all of our keywords and created listings that really were just very well created and put them on there. And just I think the key, you know, for any other entrepreneurs listening, it's just be smart about putting your initial listing out there and make it make it searchable and filled with all those keywords that anybody could potentially be be searching for. I think that's the key. Nice.



So you mentioned obviously you recently had a big spike in sales. Was that also from an influencer? Who just grabbed your stuff and went with it?



Yeah, so I mean, influencer marketing nowadays is huge. And we've been kind of exploring these apps options, trying to get more into advertising in general, because outside of Amazon, we really don't do much advertising at all. So we've been kind of going back and forth about it. And then this person, we didn't even contact her. We had no idea that she was going to make this post and my mom texted me She's like, have you looked at the Amazon app? She's like, what is going on right now? And I just kept it kept going and go and I was like, oh boy that I got home and I just lived in the basement for a week pretty much.



Say it's It's bittersweet for you, isn't it? Yeah,



it was exciting. Now, you know, like, by the third day I was like, Alright, I'm a little tired of this. And the people at the post office weren't necessarily happy with me but it is exciting.



Really. When you get that boost. I think it really hasn't. I mean, it's obviously slowed down but it's you just tend to rank higher automatically Amazon just you've been selling a lot more as a result just over over the course of the last month or so.



So have you expanded the product line or thought about expanding it?



Yeah, so initially, you know, we do we have a pet pet printing version, and then we have a shower cleaning version, and we now sell parts we realized like some people want an extension hose Some people will use it to fill their portable washing machines now and they want it just to be a little bit longer so we added the hose extension on eventually the rubbery connector will wear out and maybe they just you know we have a lot of clean household cleaners like cleaning ladies and cleaning companies. If you use it on a regular basis eventually like a sponge the top will wear out so we now sell like a three pack on Amazon you can get replacement parts and we also have four new products in the works line extensions there. We're working on the molds right now we should launch them and maybe six months or so that's the goal. So it's exciting. Yeah, good stuff.



Replacement products there's there's where the money is right, right razor, Razor razor blade kind of thing. Yeah.



It's really not a consumable per se, but like I always look at the scrub daddy guy, right? Like, I'm like, What a great product because everybody's their sponge wears out. They need more. Scrub Daddy, it's like what is when you have that customer for life. It's It's awesome.



It also helps. Like she said before, like good reviews are extremely important to say there's that one person that might have left a bad review. If they got like, oh, the hose only five feet long. Like, what a waste. They can like see the big Oh, you know what, I'll get this extra hose extension, I get that. And that turns that potentially bad review into a good one. So



yeah. say I've never seen to me, there's no such thing as a bad review. Unless you treat it like a bad review. Right? Like if you actually respond to it. And you have like all the nice, you know, customer service bells and whistles that you have to do with it. Sometimes I believe it can help you. And that's a perfect example of it could actually be an upsell. Yeah,



I mean, did you totally learn from reviews? Especially when you're first launching? It's like, Well, you're right. Well, gosh, if I've heard this a couple times, what can we do to make it better? And I think ultimately, you just have a better product. So yeah, yeah. But in the beginning, we used to take them personally like, Oh my god, yeah, they do wrong with Why are these people upset? But yeah,



yeah, the first ones are always the hardest to get over. And then it's like, Alright, there's a lot of crazy people



after a while.



So let's go like way back to when you started, right. So I know there's a lot of people out there that probably have an idea and actually didn't take it to fruition like you guys did, which is great. So what was that whole like? concept like of, you know, going through the patent process, and then having going through trial and error with the beginning prototypes and stuff? Like what was that? Like?



Yeah, you know, and it's interesting, when you are an entrepreneur, you tend to meet others that, you know, what we found, it seems like everybody has an idea in their head, right? Like, like 90% of them are never acted on. And I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that people don't know where to go, but you have this great idea, but like, Oh, I don't have the time or what how do I make it happen? That to me was the hardest thing. And what helped me is I read this amazing book, it's called I'm a mom, he's my son. It's called the mom inventors handbook. How to Make Your idea the next best thing literally, that book was a lifesaver. The author's name is Tara mana soft. And it literally like a light bulb went off. I'm like, Oh my god, it tells you how to figure out you know, what is your market? Is your market big enough? What should your margins be? How do you get this thing made? Where can you find an engineer? How do you find an overseas manufacturer? Every detail was in that book and the beauty now is that people can go online and find information it's readily available if you know where to search. But that book had everything in one book and I I'd suggest you know, if your listeners if they are in that mode of like they have this great idea, get that book or something similar. And you'd be amazed you can make it happen. And yeah, that's sort of how it all we've found our engineer through the book and I'm like, Oh my God, this could be a big seller. It's mass market. You know, it's like do you have a product that's just niche? And if it's niche, is it really worth bringing to market? If you can answer questions that make you say, hey, this thing is, anybody could possibly use this then you really have something that could sell and in our case the rents grew in my mind was mass market and then we just took off from there and went for it. Nice very



clearly after reach out to them see if they're willing to sponsor this episode.



Like it now she's like a professor at the University of California or something. She's like a bigwig. She's really impressive. woman she's helped a lot of entrepreneurs. Maybe she could be a guest on your podcast,



too. Yeah, that'd be great. She's clearly awesome.



look her up look around for sure.



How have you guys been doing now with the manufacturing and so the whole product supply chain issues right now like how's how's that going? And that Jake, I think that falls in your wheelhouse? Yeah,



um, so we've been we've been pretty good. We've definitely had some some scares where we'll like. Like we said we have that huge uptick in scale and sales and things like that this random person posting to tik tok and getting a million views it's nothing we could have ever planned for. And like you said before everything slowed down especially like getting our product on a boat like coming from overseas it's very difficult to get a spot on the boat and it takes a long time to get it our last shipment took four months to get here and when you start to get into that pace of like oh this is how much inventory we need to survive for the next two months and we need to make sure that this tractor or this shipment containers landing on this day and everything is kind of linear and working on the same timeframe and then you have one that takes an extra two months to get here on top of getting an extra major boost in sales



it's kind of like it was stressful yeah oh



my god I think



that was like was it What was the boat that got stuck in that was Suez Canal screwed everybody everything



gets screwed it's more expensive to get on the boat you have to bid to get a spot on the boat you can't even just get one



I think the lesson though is that you know you want to have extra inventory if you can because you want to be prepared for things like that you just don't know and you never want to run out you want to you want to build it you want to grow at scale it and anyone that comes to you and says hey I want to buy like if we can get you know I don't know like a retail store that wants it we want to have stock to be able to get a trial run going so



definitely definitely more of the stories have way more stock than you need so you are prepared for shortages and longer shipping times and if opportunities pop up you can still take them without having to be stressed about it so yeah



Have you guys reached out to retail at all yet or even gone like the QVC route because I am QVC and Bed Bath and Beyond for this product like it's me I'm like come on you gotta get there rich



we we did get featured on shop HQ



shop HQ was a no other version of QVC yeah so hopefully the QVC people are listening in and yes we are available and then you know we would love to get like a distributor we're in talks with a distributor that's going to hopefully help us get national distribution we just don't have the capability of doing that stuff at this point with the two of us so that's the ideal it's



something we've had on the to do list for a very long time but just like taking care of daily operations it's hard to get around that yeah



yeah it is. How is shop HQ for you to help at all



it was good Yeah, yeah we initially started with they did a dog vert the dog version and then they feature the planning version and then they also did like a feature for guys only it was like this dude was on there talk I'm like that will take whatever we can so yeah it's the volume again it's Amazon is the big guy right like any volume compared to Amazon is like it pales in comparison. I think QVC would be up there I think they have a bigger audience but it is so cool though to see it on TV



just something about seeing like some person on TV holding it and using it and selling it was so



and then that gadget guy on the on the Today show featured it we got a big boost It's so cool to see that yeah, it was really I think Steve Greenberg's his name I don't know if you know who he is He probably said



you know you got a good product when TV shows and influencers or stuff like that are just picking it up just because they're like this thing's great not because you're paying them or anything like that so that that organic attraction is just fancy yeah



and you know I think when you have a product that's very demonstrable, you know, those cleaning influencers they need content so they're like oh, what am I going to talk about today? Well I love what about this thing I can really show how it works new content is the key you know Yeah.



But are you guys selling global at all? Are you solely domestic global?



I think we're we had



we had one guy we sold to that was doing some sales on like Amazon EU like out in Europe we haven't really taken that big step yet like we said like she said we're kind of just easing into trying to get distributors because I mean it's there's a lot that goes into it. Trying to ship to the warehouse there's all kinds of duties and taxes and things like that. So the goal would be to be get like a distributor that we can send it to them and then they'll kind of handle more nitty gritty duties taxes getting it to here and there it's just alone.



I think the next step hopefully like Canada, Australia, those markets are just small compared to the US so we thought let's just start where you know the 8020 rule 80% of your business is here and master that and then the next step will be will be like yeah,



it's always interesting. Every time we've helped sellers kind of go global. We do it through Amazon. I always find for the weirdest reason I don't know why I'm sure someone will eventually Reach out to me and tell me why it is. But Germany seems to be the next big country that everyone seems to go to. Interesting no idea why I would think it would be Canada because you still gotta go and do the translation to your listings and all that fun stuff but for some reason Germany Germans just love American products I guess I'm



in Germany do they require like a language change or no it's



Yeah, they do. I mean, they don't really require it but it would be something that you would probably want to do whether Yeah, direction where you want to go in but is very interesting. Anyway, so you're obviously broke seven figures fantastic. What do you think? I'm gonna guess I already know what the answer is this but what do you think's gonna be the thing that kind of helps you guys get over that eight figure mark



the eight figure Mark well I think line extensions that's what we have coming you know the goal



Yeah, I think I would say is to make like rings true obviously is this product but to build the brand more than the the sales of the singular product like we are do cleaning and dog grooming stuff we're in that selling the same product in those two different categories so to make products that can complement the rinse through and to get repeat buyers because I mean once you buy a rinse through like we said before you can buy an extension hose you could buy more connectors but we're not necessarily getting the repeat purchasers so if we can have different products from a brand that people trust that they come back to repeatedly and by that I think that's the key to increasing that number



like we're thinking like maybe down the road shampoos and you know cleaning lotion like related items so yeah so



you get with the rinse through like a brush to wash your dog while you're using the read through and a shampoo to go with that so you're scrubbing them with both and also yeah



yeah and eventually you know marketing is the key like we were really good with the it's easy to advertise on Amazon you know i don't know Facebook ads I don't know I don't know if our product is and you may know this Andrew if you know maybe there's a formula to say hey Facebook ad would really make sense for us I don't know you know we don't have the repeat customers in that but you know, we're looking into those options for sure.



So yeah, with a product like yours I would definitely think Facebook Instagram ads Tick Tock obviously those would probably be great for you guys just because it's such a visual product I also try to think too of like you know, kind of like I'd said before where the user has a problem but they don't really know a typical solution or they don't know that your product exists as much as they do i'm just going to buy you know a showerhead with a hose attached to it so at presenting that solution to them would be really interesting plus it's a less expensive version than breaking your your plumbing like I did



yeah you don't want to come in



yeah right it looks cheap until you try it yourself and break stuff and then it's



my niece has idea she's like aunt Lisa you have to have this these really good looking guys in the shower using the restroom and she's like everyone will share that on their social media so you know smart kid she wanted to like pose for me or take the shirt off and do you know I need some men in the in this stuff here



not not willing to go that far for



like the squatty potty people right like it's like those those ads that just



oh the Harmon brothers



oh my god yeah, I mean they're just so it's cutting edge stuff that people want to share i think that i love that kind of stuff. It's so fun and yeah, so anyway,



um, so one of my favorite questions is to kind of look under the hood so what what sort of apps software's What do you guys use in to keep the business running apps and software we don't



the Amazon seller app obviously but we use shipstation right now for all of our fulfilled by merchant our our website orders and I mean shipstation too we get discounts on shipping so if I'm if I'm sending a MasterCard and a 48 I could send through ups there I get better rates there then pretty much anywhere else so and it just streamlines everything I can go in there I can look up order numbers, I can look up people if they have a problem with their order, I could send them a replacement if I screwed something up you know, it's that one is something I use for sure on a daily basis. And then being good at doing Excel and things like that, which I'm not necessarily but um it's like I think it's key to like have a good sheet with your inventory, something where you can track all your stuff, put in your daily numbers, and just have a history of all your information if you have to go back and look because I've definitely found myself in situations where I like in the past I didn't have some written down or it's like we were talking about the inventory before and if you don't know how to take down all your data properly you can kind of get lost and then suddenly you're guessing on these big decisions were like oh well how much stock Do we have it's like well I think we have this margin is like well if we had that many we're gonna be out of stock but I don't know it's



we really don't use a lot of apps i think you know i don't know maybe there maybe we can have a conversation podcast because you learn so much like you know i'd love to you know, learn from other people what apps should be should we be using I don't really know that's yeah Amazon app and you know we don't really don't really know what else is out there I need to read more books and talk to more people



what's what is your website built on?



It's a big commerce e commerce we you know we don't even do like we don't do the email marketing and all I know there's apps for that and we just we just haven't gotten there yet. So maybe it's time



to scale business past seven figures on solely Amazon is very difficult. So it's impressive that you guys have done that. I'd be really interested to see how it goes getting past that 10 that 10 million mark on Amazon I feel might be a little tough



we could use some advice for sure.



Are there any sorry to your show



I was I was gonna say definitely I think advertising is our next step and broadening our horizons off of Amazon advertising is going to be key like you said yeah for like going people that are a product exists instead of like going to Amazon and being searching for something like it already pop up on their nose so



are you guys focused on driving most of your traffic off Amazon to Amazon or you just kind of leveraging social and influencers and letting them send people wherever they want



so especially with influencers and stuff, I think it's called the WhatsApp gram referral brand referral link so they can add the read through there and it kind of incentivizes them to push it so from that aspect it's easy to do the influencers that way we do give them like coupon codes where they can go to our website as well



yeah, but we really at this point don't even want to you know pack things ourselves it's just so easy to send them to Amazon



we'd rather you know it's usually the case yeah yeah



like our time is better spent thinking of new ways to you know, scale it and you know, and then all the fulfillment just we don't want to do it at this point.



Yeah. So I mean, if in a few years we can have our own warehouse and we can have some people doing that then for sure, like obviously the margins are better going to our website but apparently it's like I'm already packing like yeah 50 orders one day, Monday a Monday after the weekend I'm here packing like 100 and it's I just I can never get through my list because I'm doing all this stuff if we had a bunch of orders coming through there to be



and I feel like when you send the business to Amazon again, you get that rank and there's that level of trust when people hit Amazon I feel like when people hit the website you still have to sell them a little bit on Amazon it's like oh, there it is. That's how many stars they have. Boom,



let me buy and you see that when you see the prime underneath there and you know it's gonna be on your doorstep in two days. It's ways you're just a click Yeah, yeah, exactly. Yeah,



yeah, we've seen a lot of sellers that will take like the buy now though, or like available on Amazon, they'll make a button out of it and actually put it on all the product pages on their website. So they send all the traffic to their site but then chances are that person ends up leaving and going to Amazon so they still kind of get the data and they can still retarget them but then they don't have to deal with fulfillment which I don't blame you because that is my least favorite sector. I don't ever want to have to deal with inventory fulfillment that stuff is confusing and complicated. So yeah, more power to you.



I have a huge stack of shipping bags sitting right next to me I just got done going to the post office It's beautiful.



Um, I don't want to take up too much of your time and I obviously really appreciate having you guys on the show. So this is that stereotypical moment where I let you guys kind of do your pitch and tell everyone where they can learn more about run through



Oh yeah, great. No, first of all, Andrew thanks so much for having us on the on the on the podcast like i said i think anything where you know other entrepreneurs can share ideas it's a great thing and I really you know wish you luck with this and we'll definitely be following you for sure. So yeah, so when Saru you know, we have a pet cleaning a pet bath version on Amazon. We have a slip on fairness.



Calm obviously went through was we have a storefront on Amazon chewy, calm shop HQ.



Find this on eBay too. Yeah, yeah. Just the the main



And of course if anyone wants to look on TikTok you can find a lot of TikTok influencers posting videos and whatnot and yeah but a lot of our a lot of our growth is from word of mouth. You know cleaning companies, they'll share who they know people that clean houses, whatever, or you know, pet owners like yourself will want to send you one when we're done. Thank you for having us.



It was my pleasure. Of course, Lisa, Jake, thank you so much for being on the show everyone who tuned in, obviously really appreciate it. Please make sure to subscribe on whichever podcast station you prefer to listen to or on our YouTube channel. But as usual, good luck out there. Keep on selling and we will see you all next time.



Sounds great. Well, thanks again.



Thank you for tuning in to The E-comm Show. So head over to to subscribe on your favorite podcast platform or on the BlueTuskr YouTube channel. The E-comm Show is brought to you by BlueTuskr. A full service digital marketing company specifically for e commerce sellers looking to accelerate their growth. Go to now for more information. Make sure to tune in next week for another amazing episode of The E-comm Show.



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