A Full List of Automated Emails All Business Should Have

August 27, 2020 | Author: Andrew Maff

On the 24th episode of Marketing Interruption, your host Andrew Maff lists off all of the automated emails every industry should have at a minimum and what they should do. This includes Welcome Series, New and Repeat Customer, Best Customer, Browser Abandonment, Abandoned Cart, e-commerce transactional emails, and much more.


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Hello, and welcome to episode number 24 marketing interruption. I'm your host Andrew halftone. Today I'm going to dive into a full list of automated emails that all e commerce sellers should have. So these are all the basic ones. There's a lot of fancy ones out there like product related ones. So hey, you just bought this product. It can also do this or Don't forget to do this or something like that. So that to me is a little bit more specific. So I'm going to go pretty broad here for the first one, and talk about the ones that's a mere requirement like you have to have set up. So first one, welcome series, that is someone who an email that goes to someone after they've signed up your newsletter, so it can have a discount in it or some user generated content or reviews or whatever other crap you want to put in there. It absolutely needs to be sent out, you need to send a confirmation once someone does something that is transactional. So I have given you my email, please now, send me an email confirming that I've gotten said email. account creation. So basically, if someone purchases something from you, and they create an account, which a lot of people will do because they want to plug in and easily see stuff they've ordered before, or maybe they want to track an order or something like that, send them an email with an account confirmation. It doesn't have to be too pretty. It's really more of the information in it that they're going to want because some people will forget like, Oh, I made an account but I can't remember What my username is or something like that. So always send an account confirmation, new customer. So this one is made a purchase, I probably gotten the product by now. And then we'll wait like a week or so and I'm going to send you a very personal email that appreciates you becoming a new customer of mine, you've never shopped with us before and you finally did, acquiring a new customer is hard. It's also not easy on the consumer side to shop with someone new that you haven't shopped with before because sometimes like I don't know how this is gonna go. So you always want to send them something nice. I like to do like almost almost like a written letter from the founder is like an appreciation. In some cases that doesn't work. Obviously much bigger companies, you're clearly not getting a letter from the founder. So you kind of have to decipher that on your own repeat customer. I do this just one more time. So once they've become a new customer, a new customer email, then they come and shop with you again. Then send them a second follow up like Thank you. It's not as personalized. It's not as I guess, lovey word I'm gonna use here. But it's, it's like thank you for coming back. So clearly we did well, the first time you liked what you got, and you came back again, we really appreciate that because repeat business is the best business. So sending repeat business, repeat customer, best customer. So this one could be you kind of just say for who are our top 10 customers, and maybe it's someone who shopped with you 10 times a year and spends a minimum of $4,000 a year, I don't know. But you figure out who the top ones are. And they get to be like in their own secret club. So basically, thank you for being for spending so much with us for being one of our best customers, you know, for supporting us this long or in or spending as much money here. No, something we want to offer you. Here's some cool swag. Here's a discount like anything like that. browser abandonment does obviously only works if you already have their email. But if a existing customer has come and shop with you before, you know how their email, and then the later on down the road, they come back to visit your store and don't do anything, send them an email, say, Hey, we saw you looking around. there's anything we can help with, let us know. Or hey, we saw you were looking at this, you may also like this, or here's a discount for this or however you want to do that. 



Then, when a customer went back, so depends on how long people typically shop with you. If they usually shop with you every couple months and they haven't shopped with you in four or five months, or maybe six months, trigger an email to go out to them saying, hey, it's been a while since you've been with us. We miss you. Where are you something like that. I'll usually have a follow up to that email. If they still haven't come back with a discount. It's offering them to come back Yeah, kind of depends discounts aren't great for everyone. Um, then social engagement. So this one is, to me very important. It's a little bit, it's a little bit more relevant to direct to consumer where there's kind of a social aspect to it. But I will basically send an email a couple weeks after they've gotten the product. And maybe a couple weeks kind depends on the product, but I will send an email after they've gotten the product, asking them to take a look at our social media. Take a picture of you with the product, are you doing this? Are you doing that or whatever you tag us use this hashtag and we'd love to feature you. It has made my social media team so much easier. It has made their job so much easier, where users and customers are just sending them content and they're just sending them pictures. And every time you take something on Instagram of someone who posted a picture of your product and you just repost it and give them some credit They're going to then share that again with their audience and be like look so and so featured may because people love to get featured all the time. So that's worked out great. always suggest to do that if you have a social aspect and then last but not least, it's kind of like a group of stuff. So all of the transactional things so order confirmations, shipment confirmation, and after delivery, delivered, refund requested stuff like that, like all of those usually come pre loaded, they probably already exist. If you're in Shopify, they absolutely already exist. I still like to give them my own field. I like to go in there and brand them up a little bit. Maybe change some of the wording kind of you know, a lot of those they're not that sexy, they're not that fun. It's just kind of a I knew I needed to get this. Some of the best ones I've seen specifically for shipping is like a stork is like it's a long story about like a stork is delivering your product and now it's like your stork is about to fly on your roof and drop off your probably gets ridiculous but it works so well because it's actually getting people to read that email and As far as I know, there's a whole article on this I read and it was it's like the only shipping confirmation email that you actually feel like you have to forward this to someone just so that they can read it. And if you can spread your brand name by just having ridiculous stuff like that, it's awesome. I would absolutely suggest doing that. And that's all I had today. And obviously I want to feature something so I'm going to do Klaviyo today because Klaviyo does integrate really well with Shopify. I know we did MailChimp yesterday today I'm doing Klaviyo. I love Klaviyo they're awesome. My only thing i wish they would tweak is the analytics are like, okay, they kind of get wonky in there. So I prefer to pull the analytics through Zapier and just put them into Data Studio but love Klaviyo, I highly suggest them if you're Shopify seller and all that other fun stuff of RATE, REVIEW, SUBSCRIBE and I will see y'all tomorrow.

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