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On this 35th episode of The E-Comm Show, our host and BlueTuskr CEO Andrew Maff is with Lynda and Paul of Love & Pebble. Armed with a mission to help women gain back their confidence through potent plant-based and food-grade skincare ingredients, Love & Pebble combines cryotherapy with skin mask that helps with de-puffing and naturally smoothening out the skin.

Listen to this episode with Lynda and Paul as they share everything from finding the perfect manufacturer, marketing your product both online and offline, to getting invited to join SharkTank!

Tune in and enjoy today's E-Comm Show!

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How to Build, Market, and Live Out Your Brand Story - Love & Pebble



Andrew Maff and Lynda & Paul

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Husband and wife created Beauty Pops, and innovative icy facial that melts into a skin loving face mask made with superfoods. Love & Pebble has gone viral multiple times on Tiktok and sold out 5 times. The positive reviews and support from thousands of customers caught the attention of The Today Show and even gave Lynda & Paul the opportunity to share their Beauty Pops on Shark Tank!




Just being authentic and unfiltered. I think that's what really worked for us. You see that this is real result. Hey everyone listen to Nezar Akeel for Max Pro, I am Linda and I'm Paul and we're Love and Pebble.



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Hello, everyone, and welcome to another episode of The E-Comm Show. I'm your host, Andrew Maff. And today I'm joined by Linda and Paul of love and pebble. Linda Paul, How're you guys doing? You ready for a good show? Let's do it. Awesome. I'm super excited to have you guys on the show. We've had several people who have been on Shark Tank before we've had a lot of people in the beauty industry. It's always very interesting because no one runs their business the same way. So why don't I give you guys a minute here and let you tell us a little bit more about loving pebble your background and we'll go from there. Okay.



Yeah, love and pebble started out in 2018. And honestly, like every business, you know, we started out not knowing anything, right. So we launched and we started selling skincare tools. And we were exclusively on Amazon. And we started there learning that space. And that was our first real dive into the E commerce space. And then one day, I was sitting on the couch, and I look over and Linda is rubbing a frozen banana on her face. And I was like, Well, what are you doing? And she's like, No, it really works. It really works. I was like, oh, yeah, cool. Let me try it. So I tried it. And I was like, wow, this is crazy, right. So since then, we knew we wanted to bring that to market. It took us two years of r&d, just tons of trials. We officially launched in March of 2021. And since then, it's been a roller coaster ride and 2021. I don't know how we're gonna pass this year, from last year, but we we hit the ground running sold out like five times today show Cosmo Shark Tank, we just acquired a deal with Hsn. And it just on top of that, right, the DTC direct to consumer has just been crazy to us just like selling out because of our customer base. And so our product is called the BT pops. That's what we're known for. It's the first ever ice facial. And if you use it, it melts into a skin loving face mask. Totally innovative, totally new. This is what the BD space needed. Because there's tons of like, products being launched that are all the same. They're all serums are all you know, the same old cosmetic products, we are taking like total other side. And introducing natural products, freezing natural products at that. And that's kind of that's kind of where we started.



Yeah, so we pretty much combined cryotherapy with skin mask. And we're actually launching like other types of products like serums, and creams, but they're all going to be frozen. And there's a lot of benefits with icing your skin like deep puffing helps with calm inflammation, foods, your skin. So we're pretty much bringing the two together. And that's what makes our products really different and innovative. And then we're going to be launching like other type of products like exfoliant and scrub and stuff to it so that it's like a whole line of



cool. So the stories is crazy. And the amount of growth you guys have had in a year is unheard of. So it's obviously incredibly impressive. One of the things I'm interested in so you had a frozen banana you were rubbing on your face, but I know that the actual booty pop has multiple ingredients in it all mostly like fruits for the most part. How did you come up with that formulation to



like, yeah, your work? A little did I know that frozen banana was one of many iterations and tests. I think we tested every single ingredient, right?



Yeah, well, I you know, I had a lot of acne growing up. And so I would do like I would freeze aloe vera or I would do Tumeric face masks and stuff. So there were these ingredients that I knew really worked for acne and that helped calm like the inflammation and that was antibacterial. So, you know, we tried a lot of different things, but I knew that these were the ingredients that I really wanted in there. So then, you know I had Paul local For the science behind it, because he, you know, he's a pharmacist, we got together with a chemist to make sure that all these ingredients were compatible. And, you know, like, what it what would it look like, you know, when it's frozen? And you know, how does how do we mix it with water? So that all of that took a lot of time. That was like the two year process. But I knew that I wanted these ingredients. And yeah, we do try a lot of different ones like we did, you know, other ingredients. But we're, you know, we have like other flavors that we haven't launched yet. So we're still we're saving that for later. But we're still it's it's not easy, like making something that you know, freeze and make making sure the consistency is just right, and that it is effective. So,



yeah, so where do you source most of your ingredients from that you're using this for?



So we partnered with a lab, they are pretty much effing FDA regulated, they're also GMP certified. So they help us source all of the ingredients. I mean, we look through all of the COAs just to make sure everything looks good. But yeah, they have really high standards. So they help us with sourcing everything.



And just to take it a step back. Honestly, finding a manufacturer that understood what we were doing is as close to impossible, but we did it. The reason being the beauty space is the beauty space, and they know what to do, they do it a certain way. There's products that have XY and Z, hyaluronic acid, you know, the same old ingredients, vitamin C, and ICMI. In the same ovaries over and over.



Well, we were looking for like a manufacturer, it was really hard. But we knew that we wanted to keep it food grade and not have too many chemicals, or any any of like the controversial ingredients, we knew that we wanted to keep it very simple. Because nowadays, people want to know what's in their product. So it's like, less than 10 ingredients, everything that you understand. And you know, there are a lot of ingredients that like, are controversial. And even for me like now that I'm pregnant, there are a lot of things that I don't understand, I can't read and I'm just like, you know, technically it, there's nothing bad about it now, but what if years later, we find out that this could be cancerous or this could, you know, do some do some harm for you know, my body or my baby or whatever. So we wanted to just make sure that it was there, you know, like these ingredients were clean, natural and effective. And simple. Like understandable. Yeah.



So yeah, sorry, getting back to the main point that was made for us, like, it was really hard to find a manufacturer that understood that. And, and not only to find those natural ingredients, but to have like natural greens that you could freeze. So honestly, our product took a lot of r&d, a lot of time. And we're actually excited because we're moving a lot of our formulation over to Korea, which Korea is like huge and skincare, they're totally innovative. They are probably like the innovators of the beauty spaces as as Americans starting to figure out and so partnering with them will help us get out products quicker.



So that actually that was going to be my question. So what was that process like in trying to narrow down which manufacturer to go to, because I know so many sellers that just go to the first one that's willing to make something close to what they were trying to make. And no one ever really does any kind of it? Well, I don't wanna say no one, obviously. But a lot of sellers don't do any, like true due diligence into like, what's really going to work for exactly what you're looking for. So how did you finally narrow down who you were going to go with for manufacturing?



Yeah, so we reached out to dozens, I mean, vetted show many manufacturers when we visited their, their, you know, facility, and it was so hard because, you know, when you're we were going through the sampling process, it was like, no one could get it right. And they would always start putting chemicals back in. They're like, No, you know, so it took us so long. That's why it took us two years. But finally, after dozens, we finally found someone that we you know, that aligned with our brand. And so we went with them, and then we you know, we continued to use them. But now we've gotten to a point where we needed someone that could be someone that's bigger that could grow with us. So now we you know, we moved over to somewhere in California.



Yeah, we're tying is to a manufacturer that produces a lot of big, big hitters in the beauty space. So we're super excited about that. Especially as we go from a one product company to you know, a real company so as to be wary of more skis more products. But we're doing it slowly. And I think that's the key. Well So such crazy growth, we're like, okay, we didn't slow down.



I was gonna say slow, slow ish, because the clear seven figures in your first year is not a thing, usually. Yeah. So that kind of brings me to my next question is, you know, you're going into the beauty space, you're going into, you know, the area of like, you know, skincare, to say it's competitive is an understatement. Like there's so many out there. So obviously, the application of your product is a big differentiator. And the fact that it's, you know, I guess someone referred to as like, it's clean ingredients, or it's all stuff that you know, you can pronounce, and you're not really getting much random chemicals and stuff. But outside of that, like, what would you say is the thing that's really allowed you to differentiate yourself that is allowed you to grow as fast as you did?



I would say, and I mean, this might you've probably heard this before, but honestly, sharing our story. So this is how we started. We started on the couch, Linda looks over me. And she's like, Hey, let's start a company. Okay, sure. I had a career, I have a career where I had a career, I just retired from my full time job. That relations. Yeah, and so in doing this full time, and it was literally my dream job. So I'm a pharmacist by trade mentioned, but I'm, my previous role was the pharmacist for Delta Airlines. So all my patients were the executives, corporate personnel, and I was there for 12 years, and to let go, of February of this year was as was a big change for me, you know, over a decade of my life, serving those patients. Right. So going back to that point, you know, we had such a crazy year, right. And I think a lot of that had to do with our social presence, right and sharing the story on the social presence. And I know everyone is starting to figure out Tik Tok. But we've, we, I think we have a leg up on them. A lot of companies, we actually got reached out to Tiktok for a couple opportunities to speak at different conferences and events, because they're really pushing their SMB, right. But just sharing that story, really understanding that that platform is huge for companies if they can get it. That's honestly what put us on the map. That's actually what got us on The Today Show, where Al Roker said our tagline which is crazy to me, but was in Cosmo, it got us on Shark Tank Shark Tank founders from that. So all these big PR moves, which we didn't pay for totally free. And we paid for PR before we got nothing, no results. As soon as he stopped that and we started doing our own organic and sharing it on tick tock, you know, videos out there videos, it would go viral. And honestly, the secret sauce is Linda, cuz I will post a video. And I'll get like 300 views. She'll look at video 4.5 million, you're like, what? What's going on here? Which is great, because then you'll just see scales like sales, like skyrocket. So yeah,



to kind of like echo what Paul was saying about our story. You know, this is a product that is really close to my heart. Because I grew up with acne, I was really like self conscious about the way that I look to my skin. So you know, we give back a lot. So we partnered with a charity that's called Project beauty share. And they give back to like, domestic. Homeless. Yeah, yeah. And so that's really important to us. We wanted to make sure that our you know, our brand gives back and we had a mission to help women with like their confidence and stuff. So that's also what makes us different.



Yeah. And even our story, our story, it's love and pebble, which you know, if you didn't catch it, slindon Paul, and that's the name of our brand. And it has to do with penguins. And the story is like, in the wild penguins, the Mailplane will look for a pebble like tirelessly. And then when he finds it, he hands it to me. And if she accepts there, they're made it for life. And, and honestly, this business for me is my Pebble to Linda when we first started. That is our story. And you know that this is where we're going to take it you know, I started this company and I never thought I would exit from my other role that I thought when I started this company for you, and we're going places. It's been crazy. It's been just sharing that and just living that as a company. I think that's what sets us apart from other companies.



Yeah. And the story is obviously amazing. The name and the story behind the name is fantastic. And then it lines up with your names is great. I love that. What is it about the tick like your approach to tick tock that allowed you to go that fast like, obviously, I know it's you guys telling your story. But how have you been doing that? What What were you able to realize is what people want it on tick tock.



Yeah, just being authentic and unfiltered. I think that's what really worked for us. Because, you know, we don't have the biggest budget to have, like this production team that will, you know, do the best photos and have the, you know, the best, like, you know, the hottest models, like we don't have that we, you know, you're showing real people real skin, you know, I put up a video of my mom's before and after, after using the Pops. And it was just like, you see that this is real results. And, you know, even sharing my story, like, you know, what my acne journey was like, and then now, like, how it improved my skin. And it's just like, I think that's what Tiktok appreciate the, the authenticity, no filters, you know, like, you'll you'll see me in my kitchen, or you'll see me in my bathroom. It's not like a studio. Yeah. So I think that's really helped us sharing our story. Like, you know, how, you know, how we started in our kitchen. And we, you know, we evolved into now with maybe, like a manufacturer, you know, Paul being a pharmacist, just all of that together, and I think they really appreciate that. Yeah.



So what got you to try tic tock because almost everyone nowadays, they're still like Facebook, Instagram, getting them to even attempt tic tock is like pulling teeth, like, you know, and a lot of people obviously, you're saying, you know, it's like the wild west right now. It's like the beginning of Facebook times on tick tock. And yet, for some reasons, people are still hesitant to go try it. What got you to agree, like, No, we're going there.



I have to give all the credit to Paul, because rolling like Bill, like he was ticked off first came out, he was scrolling. And I was like, you know, like, what are you doing? What is this? You know, like, I wasn't interested, because I get pretty comfortable with whatever platform I'm using, which was Instagram. He's like, No, you need to get on this. And I, you know, I was like, okay, whatever. But one influencer posted our video that went completely viral. And then Paul was just like, Linda, you need to really get on, like, please just get on. So I started doing some videos, and I would get like, only a couple 100 views. And it was just kind of like discouraging, and I'm like, this is not gonna work. Like it's, you know, almost too late waste my time. It was a waste of my time to do it everyday, please, just every day for a month and see what happens. I posted a video of my mom that had 4 million views. We sold out like within like four days. So that I was like, Okay, let's This is fun. Now, you know, women that just my mom's video going viral. We got like, 50,000 followers. So I was like, wow, I was like, Okay, I so then I was like, so he's always telling me like, you know, be consistent. Just just post you know, share our stuff every single day. And I'm like, you know, in



a day she doesn't do I like get on to her, which I'm pretty sure is annoying, especially with her being pregnant. And but um, like you just, it's one of those things you have to do. I mean, Gary Vee says he's like, You got to pose her. Honestly, it's your I don't know what it is with me with algorithm. But



there's nothing like tick tock. I mean, at right now. It's like, you know, other platforms. It's great. But it's it's like, I don't get as many like views or followers as I do with their talks. Yeah.



And it's just all organic. Are you advertising as well.



So that's last year, it was all organic. We really didn't set up anything. And actually, we were paying agency, right? To do Facebook and Instagram, and Google terrible. Like, though, we've actually really just like, oh, sales until like, we aired on Shark Tank. And of course, everyone's gonna get sales, right? Because it's, it's already, it's out there. So that's our next move as a company. I think, as a company, we narrowed it down to like a couple, couple problems that we had. One is a chain, which we fixed. And then the second one is just marketing, right? And so last year, and this is what the sharks told us to, they're like, Well, you guys went viral. But you know, we can't really depend on viral That's right. And so we were kind of like, okay, maybe they're right, you know, but actually, I'm going to push back. And this is what we're finding now, especially towards the end first quarter, is that viral illness actually on tick tock and the way their ads platform is set up and it's, it's, it's by no means as advanced as you know, Facebook's Like iterations, right? But was its purpose because what we're starting to do now is drive all of our organic, which we have huge, like impact, and then retarget and really follow up with with good ads on Tik Tok, and that's what's been work. That's the only platform that we see a pretty good positive that we basically paused like Facebook and Instagram, and allocated all of our budget to Instagram. So that's our evolution as a business. You know, before we're like, okay, cool, organic, great. That's sales, and like 90% of our sales from organic, but we're leaving a lot on the table. So now we're getting those sales and then getting that retarget and then sending them onto a funnel, SMS, email, all that stuff is setup. Yeah. So



you went through five agencies?



Oh, yeah, it was that's not exaggerating. Like we it was so hard to find someone that, you know, to work with us.



Yeah. And then, you know, even now, like, when we when we go viral, we're like, if we know the product has, you know, Martin fan? Yeah, right, then that's, you know, everyone's question. We know, it goes well, but we just don't understand what the disconnect is. And I know, there's everyone is like iOS updates, but I don't I don't believe that is the issue. It's a level playing field. Right. Yeah. It's a level playing field. It's, it's what we came up with is it's creative. And it's knowing your audience. And that's always been marketing, for the good companies, and that are doing well, which the TIC tock ads I'm actually doing myself. I mean, that's what they understand. Right? So, yeah.



As an agency owner, that hurts to hear that you had to go through five of them to realize like, Screw it. I'm keeping it in house.



Yeah. Because right.



So you had mentioned before, Shark Tank reached out to you to be on the show. Yeah, we thought. I've never heard that before. We, you know, this,



this is the craziest story learn. We were in Kendra Scott's store right? Now who's a guest judge? From time to time. So I look over to and we're big shark tank. Fans, right? So I look over to him. And I'm like, Look, we're gonna be on Shark Tank. And then a week later, someone calls us and I'm like, Okay, someone heard me in the store. And they're gonna take all our security and, like, take all our money. And, and you know, and also, this is not real. And then it was real, it was a producer. And then we went through one interview to interview like three or four. And then next, you know, we're flying out to LA to film so it was wild.



That isn't seen. I've never heard anyone be contacted to be on the show. So what was that whole process? Like how the show go? How were sales once it aired? Like, what is what was that? Like?



It was a long process. They require a lot of like paperwork, they have to do their due diligence and make sure everything's, you know, like, accurate. So that just the paperwork process and go practicing our pitch. All of that was took a lot of time. So I'd say from the time we were reached out to the time we actually aired was probably four months, four months, yeah, four months. And then when we when they finally flew us out, and we pitched that was just that moment was so surreal. There's lots of lots of adrenaline. We I mean, we didn't sleep the night before.



Yeah, we could have tested us for COVID. It's on the show.



Really? Yeah. And we were up by like 3am just like prepping everything making sure that we had like all of our samples ready. And then we went into the production, like the studio at like, 5am. And then we were waiting, and then we didn't get to pitch until one so it was just really exhausting. But I mean, you know, when you're having all that adrenaline, it's like, you don't feel it. But after pitching the show, I mean, I felt like a train wreck. I just do. Yeah, we we didn't get a deal. We were devastated. Yeah. And afterwards I we were like, like we were I was like a train wreck. I just like, fell over and just laid in bed all day because I was so tired.



It was crazy. We didn't we went in there not thinking that we would not get a deal. Yeah,



there was like no doubt in my mind that we were not going to get into deals. We're scrambling



like today that today's show air does that week when we're flying out. And we're scrambling to get like that setup, and then we're on the airplane, like talking to producers of the show. And and then and then we'll rely we got this, like, we're gonna blow up and then I mean, one by one, they just kept falling. And then I mean, the thing is, I guess what they don't tell you is it you know, it is a TV show, right? So you're the only air what like seven to 10 minutes, but we're in an hour or two. But honestly, the experience like the information that they gave us was so invaluable. It was like Yeah, to this day, I mean, that's why I think we're, we're doing what we're doing a lot of our businesses, our business moves, and it's because of like talking to Mark Cuban, which is priceless in itself, right? His knowledge is crazy. And, and one of the biggest things that we will to this day kind of, you know, tell everybody is like grow slow, because when we grew last year, we didn't have supply chain, we didn't have a customer service setup. You know, it was just, it was a crazy year, a great year. Big problem. I have great problem to have, but grow slow. And so we took a step back this year, and just really focusing on like, taking diligent steps to to further this business. Yeah,



it's a marathon, not a race. Yep, yep. Exactly. What, um, so you didn't get a deal? That happens, it is what it is, did you end up then going out and seeking investment? Were you contacted by anyone for investment? I know that that happens a lot. Like, what? What ended up? How did you end up kind of dealing with that afterwards?



We were definitely contacted by a lot of masters. And but we realized that, you know, like, like Paul said, we needed to take time to rebuild everything, because we were really reactive and not proactive. So we didn't have everything set in place. So we were just like, let's, let's wait, I mean, I think eventually, we would explore that idea. But right now, we're just like, let's get everything back. Like, you know, let's, let's, let's make sure that everything's solid, so that we're not trying to catch up or, you know, like before with our, our supply chain, it was just like, madness, you know, so now it's like, we have everything in place. And I think pretty soon we're gonna start talking about that again.



Yeah, we didn't really need the funds, right. I think, you know, Linna solar house we is we're totally bootstrapped. And we wanted it that way. And so that's kind of where we're at. And we were just kind of reinvesting profits. What we're really excited about was just the connections, right? So any investor that we do take on, has to have those connections. And that's, that's honestly what we're looking for. Because, you know, the cash flow is there, I think we structure the business pretty well to have enough cash flow. But I do know, at some point, we'll hit a, I'm already starting to see it. We're kind of nervous by Hsn. If it blows up, like, where's that inventory you gotta come from. And so that's when it blows up climate change, when it blows, it's gonna require capital, and then that's when we'll have discussions.



Yeah. And so like, we going on the show, we really wanted like Laurie and she always says, we're gonna, you know, we're gonna Blitz the market. And that's what we were really like, looking forward to. But going back, like Mark Cuban said to us, he was like, you know, like, take your time. Look, you know, we always say grow slow, because it's like, you know, like, once you have everything in place, then you can blitz the market. And that's why it's like, that's, we really wanted to just like, go ham, but we realized, like, we can't, we can't handle that. And that's what happens when you, you know, like, start a new business, like, you don't realize that. It's like, there's more to it than just blitzing the markers, you know, selling like, you have to take your time and build that build up



and organize it. But by the end of this year, we will be ready. Yeah. So



what is one of your what's your supply chain process? Like? Like, what kind of issues have you guys had? I know, a lot of it some of its here in California now. But have you had issues with shipping and fulfillment? Not fun stuff? Oh, yeah.



I mean, I think it's across the board. I mean, prices are higher shipping delays and more getting some of our raus. And



but yeah, our product being so unique, requires a lot of like accessories, and it's like a kit. So having someone to help us, you know, make the product put it together. And then, you know, just during COVID It just there were a lot of like, delays. So yeah, that was part of why.



But we've we've solved it, we've moved to bigger manufacturing that can handle production. And so will we be a part of like the, you know, supply chain pains? Yes, I think across the board. And once again, it's like the iOS update. That's it's still a level playing field for everybody. But one of the things that I'm really proud about us as we moved a lot of our production to us, which is the hardest thing to do, but it's the thing to do to supply to fix that supply chain issue. So we still have a couple of like components, you know, overseas, but most of our product is done here in California, so we're, I mean, so that'll drastically help our supply chain.



Yeah. So you know, in the past year, you were able to scale past seven figures. Is which is nuts? What do you think is going to be the thing that helps you get past? Like, let's say that eight figure mark, like, I know you have some new products coming down the pipeline and working on that, but what do you think is going to be the main driver for you guys to get over that next hurdle?



Yeah, I think it's two things. One is the supply chain two or three things two is launching new skews, which everyone has been asking for. And three, honestly is nurturing that customer base, right. And just building upon that, I think we have a pretty good head start on it. But I think every company whether it's you know, the big homies, like glossier or, or Glow Recipe are all the ones that we look up to, I think that's what they do the best at compared to other companies. And we're going to follow suit, you know, I think, when we launched this product, it's it was so fun in our, when we first did our BD pops, we would do these, they're called, we call them beauty pop ups around Atlanta. So we go around to different like beauty salons and stuff and just like have a little cart. It's like a little ice cream cart. And we'd freeze them and say, Hey, you and try this. I remember the first time we walked up to someone, really hey, look, check this out as a PT pops the best thing ever. And then the lady literally just like laughed in our face. Like that is the stupidest idea, right? And we're just like, crush it. We're just like, Oh, my God, just Alright, just close it up. We're not going to be. But since Yeah, this thing going viral, getting exposure like that, and the feedback from the customers. You know, we're, we're, we're redoing everything for our customers. And I think that's the focus of our business. Yeah, getting them, you know, interactions that you know, will help them further fall in love with this. That's the key. That'll get us.



I think that that, when that happened, that kind of lit a fire in us to where we're like, oh, we're gonna show her show. Yeah, it was just like, after that. I mean, we were, you know, featured in so many places. And it was just such a good feeling knowing that, you know, like, people love our product. So I'm really happy.



Especially watches Shark Tank, and



we should actually do that. So you know, like, there's there's a couple companies that have been on Shark Tank, and after they air and they'll get a deal. They'll like, hire a big billboard and say like, Mr. Wonderful, you are wrong. 10 million sold later, right? Yeah. So we're like, we really want to do that. But you know, we should change that up and put like, Hey, lady, you're we got to find her name. Hey, you are so wrong, and then have it in the billboard on their main street and Atlanta. Yeah,



I could work. Yeah, Guerilla Marketing. Love it. Any thoughts into going into like, retail or anything along those lines?



Yeah, I mean, that's always been a dream of mine. But even being on the show, like Mark Cuban was like, you know, you you know, a lot of young, like, businesses get really starry eyed. And they're like, you know, blow you know, we're in retail, but it's a lot more. And it's a lot harder than we think just managing everything. So, I mean, I think we're still interested, I think that we, we do have a product that would be a good fit for for retail, but I think I'm still learning. I'm still trying to figure all of that out.



Yeah, we had an opportunity. So we're partnering with Urban Outfitters right now. We're on But we actually launched a couple of stores. But we launched in 2020. So it didn't do well. So you know, we're okay with it. I think, honestly, a lot of the retail space that we're starting to figure out is like, it's more of an ego thing, you know, to be like, Yeah, this this, yeah, it will boost sales and grow sales, but it's its own beast. And right now, I mean, the margins are better DTC, the, we control that customer base, right, and we really own it. And I think once we have that, to have grow that into something, like huge, I think they'll start reaching out to us and that's our play to get into retail. So we'll know when we're ready when they start calling us. And I think that's,



I mean, it has to work together. Like you can't just be in retail and expect that, you know, sales is just gonna come Yeah, like you still need to have that marketing and people need, you know, awareness. So, one thing that I do love about retail, it's just like brand discovery, and people can test out your product and see and feel, which they don't get online but just having that balance, I guess where you do you do both? Yeah.



Linda Paul, really appreciate it. Have you guys on the show. I don't want to take up too much of your time. I know you guys are super busy. But love to give you guys another minute here. Please let everyone know where they can find out more about you guys more about love and pebble and we'll call it a day



So yeah, you can find us on That's our website. We also are on Amazon and then we also are sold in Urban Outfitters. We will be airing on HSN sometime in June. So that's really exciting for us. But yeah, so mainly just and also follow us on social false on our tic tock and you'll love all the comments Yeah.



Instagram TikTok and it's just Love and Pebble



perfect. Linda Paul, really appreciate having you on the show. Thank you so much for joining me everyone who tuned in of course thank you as well please make sure you head over to any podcast platform that you prefer to rate review, subscribe, all that fun stuff or on YouTube or on the But for usual, thank you all for joining us and we'll see you all next time. Have a good one. Thank you



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