Advertising Platforms that are Dirt Cheap no one Thinks to Try

August 25, 2020 | Author: Andrew Maff

On the 22nd episode of Marketing Interruption, your host Andrew Maff talks about the advertising platforms everyone should be taking advantage of because they are incredibly cheap in comparison to Google or Facebook Ads. He discusses the benefits of running ads on Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, Snapchat, and of course, TikTok. He also gives some insight into how he tracks the metrics for all of these platforms to make it easy to understand what's working vs. what isn't.

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Hello, welcome to episode number 22 of marketing interruption. I'm your host, Andrew Maff stone and today I'm going to talk to you about the advertising platforms that are dirt cheap, and no one seems to be advertising on and it's amazing. It's like a goldmine. So, the first one, I'm going to take touch on is Pinterest. So I've definitely run a lot of ads on Pinterest. At this point I would like to think that I've helped put a few of their employees kids through college. The cost per click on average I'm getting there right now is like four or five cents. It's something ridiculous. If you have a lot of great re-targeting ads set up, obviously on Pinterest or in other places, so if you're doing Google display ads or Facebook, Instagram, all that stuff, you should drive as much traffic to your website as possible that is relevant Of course, and then re-target them for as long as you possibly can because you typically get a better return from re-targeting Pinterest, you can get people to your site, dirt cheap. They have also as of it's August, I think it was in June, maybe it was over the summer. I think it was over the summer where they their connection with Shopify got much, much better. So your connection from Shopify to your account. Log to Pinterest is amazing and it works much better setting up the conversion code is really easy. Usually like pulling teeth last year when I was trying to do it I could never friggin get it to work and now it works totally fine. And it's incredibly inexpensive. You can do video you can do obviously kind of cool pins. I'm driving traffic directly to products and driving traffic to blog posts. I'm driving traffic to pretty much anywhere that is relevant to the Pinterest audience that I can get over the next one Cora Why is no one running ads on Cora like it's brilliant so Cora if you don't even know what core is it's basically people asking a bunch of questions some of them are stupid and pointless and then other people answer them that's basically all it is. I'm sorry Cora for belittling your platform. That's really all it is. It's awesome for getting really into a specific niche. So niche niche niche, whichever one you guys prefer. So like for us specific BlueTuskr I run ads into the actual like, there's e commerce like communities and like Shopify communities and online selling communities. So if you are a direct to consumer seller and you're selling sports memorabilia stuff or worked with someone who is doing collegiate apparel, there's like Alabama like Crimson Tide communities, you just run ads to them all day. And again, just like Pinterest, dirt, dirt, cheap cost per click Reddit, you get a ton of traffic, it is super hyper focused on who you can get on who can get into there is a relatively easy platform that they have to use. There is not a lot of people using it. It is dirt cheap. Right now. I'm comparing this to like Google or Facebook or Instagram. And then my only issue with Reddit is the people they're really mean Basically like, you got to be careful, you're running an ad will do very, very, very well. And an ad can also do very, very, very bad. So be very confident in what you're using and test and go slow on Reddit, and then let it go. And then it will do amazingly Snapchat. Big platform. Now a lot of people are using it. I think it's because the vertical videos on actually what Snapchat and Tiktok. SoTiktok was the next one, but it's the same problem. Dirt Cheap, cost per click dirt cheap CPAs in many scenarios, and the reach is amazing. The only issue I personally think is that people are uncomfortable with the vertical video, and what kind of content do I put out and stuff like that? And it's, you know, I don't know what they're looking at. So how is it relevant to what they're seeing and blah, blah and like, Okay, calm down just means that you're not that comfortable to platform. Start doing your research, dig around, go follow your competitors. See what they're doing. Doing ask younger people that you know and see what they're doing and create a very cool story like ad behind it, it can work so well and it is so cheap especially on Tiktok right now and I think they're gonna stay pretty inexpensive because I feel like businesses are going to move some of that advertising dollars over to Instagram for Instagram reels. So Tiktok and snapchat are dirt cheap. So real quick round up Pinterest, Cora Reddit Snapchat Tiktok. Go run ads on them. Just go stop right when this is over. I'm gonna say my usual, Rate Review Ssubscribe. Now go run ads on them. 

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