12 Chrome Extensions for Amazon Sellers

September 29, 2020 | Author: Andrew Maff

On the 47th episode of Marketing Interruption, your host Andrew Maff talks about the 12 top Google Chrome Extensions that every Amazon seller should have on hand. He touches on Keepa, The Camelizer, FBA Calculator, AMZBase, Jungle Scout, Amazon FBA Keyword Tool, Amazeowl, Helium 10, AMZScout Pro, META SEO Inspector, MozBar, and Extensity. 

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Keepa - The Camelizer - FBA Calculator - AMZBase - Jungle Scout - Amazon FBA Keyword Tool - Amazeowl - Helium 10 - AMZScout Pro - META SEO Inspector - MozBar - Extensity - Unicorn Smasher



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Hello, and welcome to episode number 47 of the marketing interruption podcast. As usual, I'm your host, Andrew Maff. And today, I'm going to talk to you all about the massive slew of Amazon Chrome extensions that exist out there. Now, I have a list of 12 of them, as well as a small bonus one for you today. But I'm gonna say that I would not recommend using all of them. If you've ever used more than five or six, going onto your Amazon account or onto an Amazon listing is like signing on to like a really shitty website that's just trying to hit pop ups every corner that they possibly can, there's just way too much going on. Because of all the extra bells and whistles they get added to all the product pages or the search page or anything like that. But so let's go through this list. So first one is one called keepa. And this is an Amazon price tracker. So a lot of them are Amazon price trackers, people love to track price, and BSR. And mostly those two things for the most part, but some people also do some other stuff, but I'll get into that but Kiba Amazon price tracker, relatively simple to use. I don't use it, but I know it's one out there that a lot of other people use. camel Iser is another price tracker with a little bit different reporting the way that they show it, I prefer theirs. I also don't use theirs though. But it is different the way that they kind of level out their their reporting. I know a lot of sellers that kind of prefer that one. Then there's the FBA calculator. It's pretty self explanatory. A lot of people will find their price, or be looking at different competitors or different products that they want to get into and are kind of curious about what it may be costing them. And the FBA calculator can obviously show up on the screen and be able to help you with that. There's also AMC base. So it's product research. And you're going to realize that so many of these do product research, but that is basically price tracking. Not suggested predicted like sales and things like that, in which I'm going to touch on in a minute here. It just gets interesting jungle scouts a big one. So Jungle Scout, I'll give them some love to the fact that I like them. Because they've gotten so big, they put out a lot of content, they help a lot of different Amazon sellers, with just knowledge in general, they offer a lot more than just what their Chrome extension does. But their Chrome extension is pretty much meant for product research and it gets relatively in depth. The AMC know Amazon FBA keyword tool. So this is a way of helping you look at different keywords that people may be searching. Amazon has slowly started to actually just show the suggested search terms that people are searching. But this one gets a little bit more extensive, and allows you to kind of do a bit of a deeper dive into what people are searching. amaze owl is another one for product research. Helium 10 is typically my preference, not necessarily for product research. But it does have product research. It also does search terms and it gives you some PPC stuff. And there's a lot of extra things that come with it. But the Chrome extension itself is mostly meant for product research. Then there's the then there's a mZ scout Pro, also product research. If I'm doing product research, I'll usually use helium 10 probably compare it to Jungle Scout. And I will also compare it to unicorn smasher. So this is another one of the interesting thing here is we actually took I think was five different product lines, five different companies and looked at three or four competitors of each. And we basically took people that we worked with and then looked at their competitors. And we tried to decipher like okay, which ones of these are most accurate and oddly enough, unicorn smasher actually came out to be the closest almost every single time in terms of projected sales or how much you know, it assumes that someone is selling. And the odd thing to me was that it was really close. Sometimes it was almost completely accurate. And I have no idea who owns that company. All I know is that unicorn smasher, I don't know who runs it. I don't know what else it does. All I know is that you can get the Chrome extension. There's a free version, there's a paid version, but I would suggest Using unicorn smasher, just because I've seen how accurate it is, I still use helium 10 and Jungle Scout as a comparison. But unicorn smasher is usually my go to, then there's two others that aren't necessarily meant for



Amazon sellers, but they basically are still useful to the meta SEO inspector. So this will kind of dig into your meta title meta description into SEO stuff. So a lot of Amazon sellers don't typically look into this kind of stuff because they're so worried about what kind of traffic they're getting from the existing traffic on Amazon, but they never really think about the traffic that they may be getting if they are product word list, as you know, ranked number one on Google. So if you can actually adjust your Amazon listing to not only cater to the Amazon algorithm, but to also cater to Google's, there's a lot to know there. So it's a very interesting tool to have to still leverage, even though it's not completely catered to Amazon sellers. The next one is the same concept. So it's Moz. They call it the Moz bar, and it will show you your Amazon's domain authority is not really going to tell me much but your page authority. So this is essentially out of every keyword that you rank for out of Amazon's domain, what is your specific product listing page rank for? Now, if you compare that to a website page, it's going to be much higher, and you're gonna be like, Well, I'm not getting that much traffic. So as much as we bullshit, it's not. The fact is, is that Amazon's domain, it has so much authority, that it will bring your page authority up, but it won't rank as well, just because of how big Amazon is. But it is an interesting thing to track, it's very easy to do, if you have a relatively smaller product line, if you have a big product line thousands of products, it's kind of difficult just because of the amount of tracking you would have to do. But it is a very beneficial Chrome extension. Now, that is 12 of them that are specifically or helpful to Amazon sellers, I have a list of like 50 of them that are useful for just e commerce in general. So I'm going to give you a bonus one that found that I love and it's called extensity. So essentially, it takes all of your Chrome extensions and makes it into like a almost like a bookmark folder so that you can just kind of file through them. Because the issue I've had is that I've now gotten so many Chrome extensions that it just starts to take up my entire area and I barely have any room in my search bar. And then they actually start to go into their own little folder. So the issue now is or the solution now is that extensity actually puts them all into one folder for me, so I just know where they all are at the same time. And it definitely helps a lot. That's my list. That's all I have for today. Yeah, rate review, subscribe, and I'll see you all tomorrow.

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