Why E-commerce Sellers Should be Leveraging Pinterest Advertising

Why E-commerce Sellers Should be Leveraging Pinterest Advertising

On the 38th episode of Marketing Interruption, your host Andrew Maff dives into the benefits of Pinterest advertising and how it's helping sellers scale faster than ever before if they leverage the platform correctly. He talks about Pinterest growth as a company and how e-commerce sellers should consider testing their ad platform soon before it becomes as saturated as Facebook.


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What's up marketing interruption, I'm Andrew Maff tone, you're listening episode number 38. So we're still cranking away here and today is gonna be real short and sweet. And we're gonna call this one kind of more of a PSA episode, because I think that it's a Pinterest service announcement because we're going to talk about the benefits of using Pinterest. So recently, I've started to dive in More and more into Pinterest advertising. And one of the things that Well, let me back it up. So years ago, I worked with a seller who was the only one at the time now there's a ton of them. But this was right around when Pinterest had just started coming out. And I had the benefit of always being in the back of their stuff. And we're running reports and everything. And one of the things I had noticed about them that we were unaware of because we weren't helping them with social media at the time, their social media traffic was 65% Pinterest, these guys were doing. At the time, I want to say close to 20 million a year, I think from what I can remember, they were heavy in the beauty market, obviously. So that caters to Pinterest a lot more but 65% from an ad from a platform that not a lot of people are using. And in the past two months. I think this is over the summer, maybe in June or in July, when Pinterest basically agreed with Shopify to fix all the sales channels issues that they had. And since then, the advertising approach and the way that you can actually connect everything is wildly easier. And Pinterest ads or stupid cheap right now. I know from off top my head someone I'm working with right now their cost per click is like six cents. And the ROI is like I think last week we're at like it's almost a six x or something like that. But the conversion tracking is all fixed. They used to have so many issues with it, but now I can get all my metrics inside the Pinterest platform without any trouble. The Shopify connection is great. And then really The other thing I want to say is the the conversion rates very low. So you're driving a lot of traffic. But the benefit is is because you're using such a visual piece when you're doing Pinterest. Obviously they have retargeting. You can do all that stuff as well. But you have such a visual piece when you're doing Pinterest that nine times out of 10 they're probably knowing what they're clicking over to, and they may not purchase right away because they were on Pinterest and they were making a board for whatever reason. But if they clicked over, they already know what kind of product it is. And there's so much traffic it's six cents right now a cost per click, which is nuts that it makes me want to just like drop everything and go do another another store. But six cents a click if you have enough retargeting set up so if you're doing your Google display ads or ad roll or you're doing obviously Facebook and Instagram or you're retargeting on Twitter, obviously back on Pinterest or anything like that, it's going to work so well for you. This is my public service announcement of go try Pinterest ads, they're not paying me to do this be nice if they did, if they're listening and want to send me you know, some referral money I'll take it but please just go try Pinterest ads, I promise you they're going to work if you're having issues with them, or you need help setting them up. Just shoot me a message and I'd be happy to walk you through them because I want someone to come on the show and be like, oh fuck you were right. That was it today. That was all I wanted to touch on. So, rate review, subscribe, and I will see you all tomorrow.

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