Why E-commerce Sellers Should Be Leveraging Twitter More

November 05, 2020 | Author: Andrew Maff

On the 74th episode of Marketing Interruption, your host Andrew Maff talks about why e-commerce sellers should be leveraging Twitter to help them gain more insight on growing trends, joining conversations, customer service, and more. He even dives into how BlueTuskr uses Sprout Social to help them easily keep track of the many conversations that can be going at once.


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Hello, and welcome to episode number 74 of the marketing interruption podcast. I'm your host, Andrew Maff. Stone. Today I'm going to talk to you about why ecommerce sellers should be leveraging Twitter more. So it's it's very interesting to me how many, you know, we did YouTube earlier about how to create content on YouTube. And it's very interesting to me how so many sellers are really, really interested in Instagram, kind of starting to get interested in in tik tok, semi interested in Facebook. And then there's just a big drop. And like, that's it. That's all the channels that there are. But YouTube was one, which we already talked about earlier this week. And another one's Twitter, which I'm always shocked that no one really wants to leverage. And there's so many benefits to Twitter that a lot of people don't seem to understand Twitter started to really develop To me, it's got a slight kind of Reddit feel to it, where a people are mean, but be there, it's almost like it's starting to become kind of like a cult following.



Now a lot of people are saying with Twitter, like once the elections are over, and Trump is gone, like who else is gonna read Twitter, because that's really all the reason you go to Twitter to see what he said, which I don't think is true, I still think there's a lot of other stuff going on on Twitter. And my biggest benefit that Twitter has is that everyone becomes their own media outlet. So if something happens in your town, someone tweets about it. The second that thing happens, they've now let that news out before any media outlet could even show up to take video of it or whatever it is they do. So to me, there's three big reasons that ecommerce sellers need to be on Twitter. So you have hopping on top of trends. So anything new that may be coming up that everyone's kind of like using hashtags. And this is why this is trending and things like that. joining in on conversations. So basically, see, you can just search, you don't need to even search hashtags, you can just search a keyword and see when people are talking about things that your brand may be relevant towards. And just joining in on that conversation. So someone's talking about something that's vaguely relevant to your product line, just joining in on that conversation and giving your opinion or whatever it is you need to do there. And then the other side of that, which I think is one of the biggest sides is customer service.



The speed of which some people will go to Twitter to comment about a brand before they call and complain is amazing. And you can actually save a lot of sales, or even help a lot of people by just having a Twitter presence and being able to respond real quickly. So what we're starting to do is so like we use Sprout Social internally. Unless we have HubSpot, in which case we use HubSpot. But we have customer service teams always integrated into both of those just so they can basically we can basically tag a conversation say like, Hey, we need you to chime in on this because you know, we cannot be remarketing. So you know that that kind of quick response really helps drive that that side of Twitter. So there's great ways to grow on Twitter. And that would be the first two that we mentioned. So looking at what's trending and getting on board with it, like today is Thursday, and you know, Thursday thoughts and Thirsty Thursday and all that kind of stuff, even though it's used every week, since the dawn of time still seems to be used all the time.



And then there's also hopping in on whatever trends may be happening. So any any other I'm sorry, that's basically the same thing, but any kind of new trends out of out of the old stuff. And then also joining in a conversation to join in on conversations. It's timely. This is where we usually suggest to have something like a community manager something that we're basically their sole job is to not post on social media but to engage on social media. So on Instagram, you know, some people you'll go to someone else's post and you'll comment some of the people that are posting I'm sorry, that are commenting on that post because it's relevant. Twitter. It's basically the same thing. If you can go to a competitor and see some people that are commenting, you can simply just go to their pages and comment to those people in other ways you already know that they're interested in whatever As you're selling because they're already talking to your competitor, so a lot of ways on Twitter, it's a slower growth in the beginning, when you do things like that. I've seen a lot of brands become really successful and only post their own original content once or twice a week on Twitter.



I'm finding that posting really good content on Twitter is great, as long as you make sure it's like your best content you have available and you join post on occasion. Otherwise, it's more about outreach. It's more about getting in conversation is more about involving what's in trending and things like that. So I 100% thing people need to hop on Twitter, I don't understand why most ecommerce sellers don't get on there. To me, it's a given. It's almost like, you have to have a Twitter especially when it comes down to customer service. When you look at scalability, eventually you will the goal is that you'll be big enough where that's going to be relevant and Twitter's not going anywhere anytime soon. There. As far as I've seen least recently, in the last numbers I read their members or people that have Twitter profiles are still going up. It's not fast, but it's still going up still being used. I think it's been being used a little bit more than once was. So I would definitely suggest if you don't have any commerce account, or I'm sorry, if you don't have a Twitter account and you are an e commerce seller, you really should get a Twitter and start on that if you need help with Twitter, you have like you're kind of struggling on what ideas to use and how you can leverage it. shoot me an email marketing interruption bluetuskr.com let me know what you're selling and I'll be more than happy to give my advice. That's all I have for today. Rate review, subscribe, and I will see you all next time.

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