The Easiest Retargeting Ads to Set Up and Let Sit

August 24, 2020 | Author: Andrew Maff

On the 21st episode of Marketing Interruption, your host Andrew Maff talks about the benefits of setting up retargeting ads at a minimum on multiple different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and across Google real estate. He dives into how to structure the ads and the types of retargeting ads you could set up to stay top of mind in front of your warmest audience.
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Hello and welcome to episode number 21 marketing interruption. I'm Andrew Maff Stone your host and today I'm going to talk to you about re-targeting ads and the ones that you should just set them up and let them sit. Now, it pains me to say that because I don't necessarily think that you need to let them sit. However, this has been kind of an interesting topic I've had a lot of lately. Obviously people are kind of are sellers, specifically You're a little bit more hesitant on spending money for ads right now just because of everything going on. They want to make sure that they're staying as lean as possible. I always suggest to a bare bare minimum have re-targeting ads running. I've been doing this for a little over 15 years now, actually, I think. So yeah, about 15 years. And I still have not met a seller that should not have at least one re-targeting ad running. So I wanted to talk about the ones that I say you should set up and let them sit, if that's your thing. So these are the ones that are well, they're most important because there's someone that recently visited you. And then you have to think of the timeline of when they visit you versus when they purchase some sellers have someone visit their store, and they'll purchase that day. Some will visit their store and take a week or two before purchasing. It all kind of depends on your own audience. So you're gonna have to go into Google Analytics and dig into how long it takes from like, point A to Check it out, and what that average length of time is and then you'll kind of know which re-targeting parameters you want to set into place. So I do, where are you? There you go. So breaking up the re-targeting ads. So, go to analytics, see how long it take? It's gonna vary for everyone. I just kind of go with my own rule of thumb in the beginning, unless there's some like anomaly of like, it's like a $5,000 product or something like that and then we go, Okay, I gotta dig into this more before we kind of just go at it, but I usually do seven day increments. So seven day, 14 day, 21 day 30 days, so I do 21 to 30 and then I'll do 30 to 6060 to 90 and then maybe 90 to 180. If I want to do that so re-targeting most of the time, I will require to do Facebook and Instagram at a bare bare minimum, and you can only do up to 180 days re-targeting for that. So I'll say separated out, I'll do a seven day 14 day 21 day 30 6091 ad, and I will change the creative throughout all that, because you're gonna burn people out, you don't want to show them the same ad over and over again. So that seven day window, I'm gonna give them the best creative I have. I'm going to AV test several pieces of several types of coffee. And I'm going to keep the frequency pretty high. So it's going to be a little depending on who I'm targeting again, but I like to do like five to seven times. So if you look at the frequency on Facebook, Instagram, so Facebook Ads Manager, you should have a frequency of between five and seven for that first week 714 especially most sellers by then chances are they haven't purchased with you. They may not. So seven to 14. Now I'm going to bring that down a little bit. I'm gonna be like okay, let's definitely cap this out at five so maybe four or five, then the up to 21 day. Gonna keep that same thing, so maybe like four to five. And then after that, so 21 to 30. I'm gonna drop that down to about a three to four, and then 30 to 6060 to 9090 to 180. I'm definitely gonna keep that at a three. So I look at it frequency on a weekly basis on how long did How many times have they see it that week. And in the beginning, obviously, I want to be like you were just here. Don't forget you were just here. Don't forget. And then I want to slowly kind of faded out, just because you don't want to piss people off either. You don't want to show them the same friggin ad over and over and over again. They'll get annoyed by it. And I'll actually end up hurting your brand. That's one of those things where you might see it hurting your brand by people commenting, but it's not the people that comment that you should be afraid of. It's the people that don't it's the ones that aren't speaking that they're frustrated with how often they're seeing your ads. Um, so



yeah, it bare minimum re-target people who visited your site and didn't convert, you can always re-target them Who saw an ad and didn't do anything about it, or maybe they came and saw a blog post but didn't go over to your products. Maybe you want to leave those alone. But bare bare minimum, I suggest to re-target people who least visited a product page. Abandoned carts a no brainer. Everyone should have an abandoned cart up. All e-commerce sellers should have that up. I prefer to use the dynamic ads for that one. I'll test it usually, but most of the time, I'll just go ahead and set up a dynamic. That's the one where it just kind of shows you it's live through your catalog and it will just show you the product that's actually showing up. Or the product that they left in their, their cart outside of Facebook and Instagram. Everywhere, right? Like you can do re-targeting ads on LinkedIn. And just because, well, I take that back. If you're B2B, I would re-target on LinkedIn. If you're B2C, it would kind of depend on what your ads are. Maybe their office supply related or something like that, and then LinkedIn will be fine. LinkedIn is so business oriented, that you don't want to re-target swimwear or something like that on their Pinterest ads are great. The CPC right now that I'm getting for most of our clients is like five cents at something nuts. Um, so I highly suggest re-targeting on Pinterest. can't hurt to re-target on Twitter, obviously doing Google Display or I prefer to use Admiral who will obviously be featuring today. So Admiral basically takes the real estate of Google display ads as well as their own real estate that they have. So places they're allowed to place their ads, and you can run re-targeting ads across the entire internet. And obviously, you can do video or you can do static images, or you can do your dynamic catalog, whatever you want to do. I'm a fan of Admiral because it's much simpler to use for me. And I just less I have jammed in all of our Google Ads stuff, the better. Um, and that's all I have for Today, so, rate review, subscribe, all that fun stuff and I will see you all again tomorrow.

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