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September 03, 2020 | Author: Andrew Maff

On the 29th episode of Marketing Interruption, your host Andrew Maff discusses the free marketing and business newsletters he subscribes to such as Morning Brew and Marketing Brew, theCLIKK, Daily Carnage, and theSkimm. He touches on what each of them features, how often they're sent out and more.

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Marketing Brew - Morning Brew - theCLIKK - theSkimm - Daily Carnage


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Hello, and welcome to episode number 29 a marketing interruption. I'm Andrew Maffettone. And today I'm gonna be real quick. I'm going to show you guys exactly the daily newsletters that you should be subscribing to. And then I'm going to leave you some extra time to go and actually subscribe to these newsletters. So give you a little insight into my morning routine. I wake up, come downstairs. We're on a pandemic right now. So I'm still working from home. And so I come downstairs, I let my dog out, make my coffee, I sit down and I turn on. Oh my god, I always forget what it's called marketing over coffee. It's a podcast, we'll sit down, turn that on, so to my couch, and I will go through on my phone or my iPad, whatever I'm using. And we'll go through all these newsletters that I subscribed to. So kind of just easing into my morning. So the newsletters that I subscribe to, I actually go in order I read the same ones in the same order every day because they have clearly figured out my open rates and will decide when they send their email to me so I start with daily carnage. So daily Carnage is by a company called carnage. Obviously, who I can't remember what they do so when they watch this and then go great. It means our newsletters not doing its job. I think they're an agency I can't really remember. But they it's a great email is very marketing focused is all marketing. is shorter than some of the other ones. And it's not as like Whittier as all the other ones, but it's very informative. It's very interesting. They always throw in like some fun stuff like a cocktail or mocktail or something like that that you should do. But handpicked stuff that they pull out, they're well written. I get it every morning. There's been a couple mornings where not only daily Carnage just happened a couple times, but there's another couple of these that like, for some reason, there's didn't show up and I get so pissed. I'm like, What happened? anyway?



Uh, yeah, daily carnage. Second one, trying to picture, the click, so the CLIKK is next. So the CLIKK is, same concept. It's more business related. But it includes like marketing technology startups, the future of work and how employments doing all that stuff. So it's a little bit more business-centric than it is on marketing specifically. But it is in comparison to a few of these it is definitely leaning more towards marketing. So I usually do daily Carnage click pretty marketing related with click so it's "C L I K K", right and it's a lower "t h e". And then it's capital C, capital L, capital I, capital K, capital K. The reason I tell you that because the next one I read is the Skimm, which is lowercase the the, capital S, and then they lowercase it again, k i m m. They clearly knocked each other off somehow they have to because they're so similar. However, both great the Skimm is you were literally basically skimming the news. So you're kind of getting an update on everything overall. There's sometimes there's politics but a lot business related and it's very well written. And it's done very well love that one. The next one, I only currently get on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays, because that's when they're sending it out. That is Marketing Brew. So Marketing Brew is a substance or sister newsletter of morning brew, which I'll touch on marketing Bruce great. If you haven't read morning brew for you haven't read marketing brew, very witty, punny, kind of pretty funny and what they're talking about marketing brews a new one that they just released, I think a month ago, and it's just marketing stuff. So it's all marketing marketing news lately they've been talking about Instagram reels and TikTok and all that stuff going on or in July, when they got launched, they talked about the Facebook advertising ban and all that crap. Next one last one that I read this morning brew. So morning brew is more business centric, mostly business but it's also kind of like an overview of what happened yesterday. So you also kind of get some politics from there and stocks and all that kind of stuff, but it's a great read, very well written. I listened to him on a podcast, I camera which podcast it was, but if you can go and listen to find them. I can't remember his name either but the founder of marketing brew are having Morning brew and marketing brew, started in a college and did it for his classmates to just make business slightly more interesting. And it just grew from there. And that's all this company does. They just make a newsletter that goes out every day and you get it Monday through Sunday, it's all day, or every day, it's daily. But those are my newsletters. Here's another thing I want to do for you guys today, or for you to do for me is to email me if there's another daily newsletter that you subscribe to. These are all free, all the ones that I mentioned, you can go subscribe, and you don't have to pay anything. I do have some subscriptions with like, in New York Times Wall Street. What's the other one, Business Insider stuff like that, but I'm interested in like what other free ones are out there that are on a really consistent basis. So shoot me an email, let me know marketing eruption of And I'm not gonna feature a tool because to me, all of those newsletters are a tool, so you should obviously go subscribe to those. So that's all I had for today. So I will see you all soon. Morrow, rate review subscribe.

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