The Sneaky Way to Increase Facebook Followers Without Paying for Them

The Sneaky Way to Increase Facebook Followers Without Paying for Them

On the 44th episode of Marketing Interruption, your host Andrew Maff talks about the easiest way to grow your Facebook followers without directly paying for followers. He discusses how you can create an ad to do one thing, but also have it benefit your follower growth.


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Marketing interruption Andrew Maffettone you're listening to my podcast welcome. Sorry, episode number 44. This one's gonna be really quick, really easy. So I'm going to give a real quick, simple, easy thing to do. And then we're going to call today. So this is how you can increase your followers on Facebook. I know Facebook is a pay to play place and blah blah, but so if you're running ads On Facebook, don't run them to grow followers, run them for conversion, run them to actually make some money. But there's a benefit to that a lot of people who see your ads who do actually click on them to go purchase, or even those who don't those who enjoy it will react. So you know, they'll like it, or they'll smile or laugh or do a heart or whatever they are. And then when they click that, it actually goes into that little number off to the bottom left of that Facebook ad. And what you can do is actually go into your notifications on your Facebook page, see the people who have reacted to your ad, click on that view, all the people who reacted, now you'll see that there's a giant list of everyone who's in interacted with your ad that you can invite, there's an invite button right next to it. So now here's the thing, if you were running an ad long enough, and you're letting it get enough, UGC, there's enough social proof behind it, that's going to get very, very tedious and very annoying. You could have thousands upon thousands of people liking and reacting to your social ad. So there's a trick. So I'm going to read URL to you. But then I'm also going to put it in the show notes for you. And there's other websites that have this same code. But this one is just the one that I use. So this is So I don't even know who it is. I don't even know how I found it. But maybe he's cool. So I know it's long. It's in the show notes. But what you do is you'll go there, you'll actually scroll down and in there, there's a code entry JavaScript code. So what you're gonna do is I do it on Google Chrome. I think it works on other browsers. I'm not really sure. But you'll open up the that Facebook ad reactions, right, and you're going to want to scroll all the way down, click see more, scroll all the way down, click, click see more. keep doing that until you get it to show every single one of those people that you can invite. Then you're going to take his code, you're going to go to your browser, you're going type in JavaScript: and you're gonna paste the code that he gives you, you're gonna hit enter, you're gonna wait a little while. Now it may freeze and it will say that this page isn't responding or something like that, just click Wait, then all of a sudden, it's just going to go through and it's going to invite every single one of those people for you. I've made this a daily task for our social media coordinators who now go in and make sure that every single person is invited. And you'd be shocked at how many people would actually brings into the Facebook page. I know a lot of people aren't as big as Facebook as they were once work, but you can retarget that audience, you can obviously go after their friends. There's a ton of other things you can do in that but I highly suggest check out the show notes. Go to that website, get that code and invite everyone and your likes will skyrocket. No, it doesn't work for Instagram right now. I will let you know when that happens. But that's all I had for today. So please rate review, subscribe. Reach out to me at Andrew Maff or at but if not, I will see y'all tomorrow.

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