Re-Purposing Content to Last For Weeks

July 29, 2020 | Author: Andrew Maff

On the 3rd episode of Marketing Interruption, your host Andrew Maff goes into detail about how you can create a mountain of content, with little to no investment, and have it last for weeks. He'll be talking about how to create a 10-15 minute video, then how to transcribe it, chop it all up, and distribute it to last for weeks on end. It's the easiest, least expensive way to create a ton of content in a short amount of time.
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Hello, and welcome to episode number three of marketing interruption. I'm your host Andrew Maff Stone today I'm going to be talking about how you can expand your content the last few weeks on it. So this one is not like last week, not going to be as as fluffy here we got some more tactical stuff. Obviously, I'm going to put all this stuff in the show notes. I'm gonna reference some things I'll make sure that you guys have links and stuff like there.

But I kind of want to just explain how, how I create content, and then how I just leverage basically the same content for weeks on end. And this is not new. A lot of you who may be listening to this may know this, the goal is for everyone to get to know us because this is simple. This is so easy, and it cost basically nothing. And it's basically turning yourself into a media company. I mean, look at me, I have a giant bucking microphone in my house now. So it's really about creating a really good quality piece of content, and then just chopping it up and sharing it out. Think of it like a big cake, you work all day to make this big cake and then you just make that cake last for a month. Same relative concept. So I'm just gonna break down exactly how I do all this stuff. So nine times out of 10 I created a video 10 to 15 minutes. Let's actually use this podcast as an example because I'm basically doing the same thing here. So they're shorter, but normally 10 to 15 minutes is my nice sweet spot of whatever video I'm creating, whether it's a how to or if it's

Interview I'm doing or something like that to create video 1015 minutes, and I have notes here so I'm going to keep looking at them. If you're listening on Spotify or iTunes or wherever you're at, you obviously can't see it. But if you're watching the YouTube channel, you can see I keep kind of glancing away, normally, um, so you're gonna make 10 to 15 minute video, you're going to transcribe this video, depending on where you do it. You can get this transcription done on rev Comm. So it's my favorite. I think it's a like $1 25 for every minute you do so a 10 to 15 minute video is costing you no more than maybe 20 bucks. Every word that you said obviously you all notice correct transcription is now you have all these keywords, you have everything in there. Then you're going to want to take that transcription you want to turn it into a blog post. So what I do, I take the blog post put it into I prefer HubSpot. I'm sure you'll hear me trigger them a lot. But WordPress whatever your blog is, take the transcription put it directly into your blog. Take the video that you created and put it

onto YouTube. Obviously, you're gonna clean up YouTube, we'll go through SEO guidelines with that crap another time. But you're gonna take that embed code and you're gonna put that into the blog post. So now you have the video that you created. And the transcription, you're going to take 1015 minutes, write two, maybe three paragraphs of what that video is about, and add that into the blog post is kind of an intro to the transcription. So now you've created a 10 to 15 minute video, and you've created a blog post that if he did 10 to 15 minutes, and we're talking the whole time, I would imagine you're well over 12 to 1500 words for a blog post. Right now we've spent a total of maybe 20 minutes to do all this.

So you uploaded into YouTube, Your other option, upload that video everywhere else you can get it that will take more long form content. So Instagram television, television, Jesus instant Instagram TV, chop it up, edit it so that you can flip it so you can see with this podcast, what I'm doing is I kind of have the angle A little bit where I can actually have my video editor just kind of get here. So now

It's much more thin, he can actually make it like a vertical video and I can upload it and igtv and it'll work out just as fine. So now I'm in multiple different places. I'll keep this video the way it looks uploaded on YouTube, you can also upload it onto LinkedIn, you can upload it onto your own personal stuff wherever else you want to put it. So now we have some social media content. So next, I made notes because I knew I was gonna forget something Oh, chopping up the video. So every time you have video, if you're talking for 10 to 15 minutes, you're not on the exact same subject all the time, you're going to constantly tweak and you're going to kind of adjust around category so you're going to take little chunks of those categories you're talking about and chop up that video. Keep it to less than a minute my personal preference is less than 30 seconds. So if you can get some good quotes out of 30 seconds, you take that you put your that's now your social post you have 30 seconds, chop it up, do less than a minute for Instagram, less it's the same could be the same thing on Facebook. It is my preference. Chop it up. Get several

Have those. If you chop that up enough over a 10 to 15 minute video, you should probably have a good five or six different clips from that video, have a video editor, throw in a bunch of cool stuff, you know, you can have some things flying around behind you or whatever the hell it is you want to add. And you can always change that up with that video. If you're posting every other day on social media, mix it in a little bit with some of your more timely posts or whatever else you're doing. And that social media post should now last you

three weeks minimum, I would say with the content that you've now had, obviously, if you're using Facebook or you're using

LinkedIn or something like that, you want to have the link, go back to your blog post, always drive traffic back to your website. If you're using Instagram, of course, go to the link in my bio, that kind of thing.

So then the other thing you want to do is a bit of a bit of a bonus outside of that. So I've created a very long video we have created a very long blog post for the most part. You'll have to obviously

Make sure it's all SEO friendly and stuff like that we've created social media content now for several weeks. So now the other thing that you're gonna want to do is you want to get it out there. And one of the things I always like to do that I was make sure I do is I tell someone when I when I've mentioned them before, to give you an example, yesterday I mentioned the Harmon brothers, you bet your ass, I'm going to tweet them and tell them that I referenced them in the podcast, maybe I'll get lucky. It's that kind of thing. So you're gonna want to always reference and tweet it to people or send them an email and let them know they were mentioned in your video. And obviously, this will start to to grow. This is outside of the video creation, the video content anywhere that you've created. But essentially, now you have created a 10 to 15 minute video, very long blog posts, blog posts, and you've had a ton of social media content. This took you on average, your own personal time, let's say 10. Let's say 15 minutes for the video. Let's say scheduling them, blog posts yourself. Maybe you're still doing that. So you're doing five, let's say another

Or 20 minutes. And then you have a video editor who is probably chopping up the video which once you do these videos once and you chop them up once, keep those use them as a template, just switch out the video file and it will take him or her sorry, less than an hour or however long it's going to take him. So basically now you have spent an hour maybe video editor spent maybe an hour depending on where you find your video editor. I'm a big Upwork fan find them from there, they're spawning someone in the hour from the Philippines, you're spending maybe 10 $15 and then your transcription which is probably $20. So you made this massive piece of content to last you several weeks and it only cost you what 30 bucks give or take.

If you can hammer out one of those videos. Once a week, you will have content for ever and all you have to do is just start you just have to start doing things, do something like a podcast and make the videos from there. But that is all I wanted to go over for today. The featured tool that I'm going to

Obviously start doing and I forgot to do yesterday but it is what it is. Today is I prefer I've used them forever I you can just take the video file, throw it into rev COMM And they'll email you the transcription. it to me is the easiest way to take visual content and turn it into written but again thank you for joining please rate review subscribe all that fun stuff if you have any questions you want me to go over any at any point please email me at, and I will see you all tomorrow.

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