Using Sales Sequences For Lead Follow Up and Re-Engagemen

August 11, 2020 | Author: Andrew Maff

On the 12th episode of Marketing Interruption, your host Andrew Maff talks about the benefits of using sales email sequences to automate your sales-marketing approach. He dives deep into utilizing sequences to improve follow up but also how to make sure the sequences are personalized and well-written to make sure the marketing continues all the way through the sale. Listen in as he discusses the grey area between marketing and sales and how marketers can help salespeople market themselves. 

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Hello, welcome to the 12th episode of marketing interruption. I'm your host, Andrew Maff Dunn and today I'm going to talk to you about something a little bit outside of marketing. So we're going to be talking about the benefit of using sequences for lead follow up and reengagement. Now sequences are a term that is used In the marketing automation software we use which is HubSpot. I think it's a seat I think they call it sequences, another CRM, um, they makes sense. So just in case they don't I'm not 100% sure I've only used a handful of them outside HubSpot sequence is not a marketing automated email. It's a sales automated email. And the difference to that is you can't unsubscribe from this. It's literally a automated message of you sending any you personally sending an email to any personal person to a specific person.

So basically, your first email, wait a couple days, sends another email which few days send another email, it's basically automated follow up for the most part. And the benefit of that is if someone responds to that email or if someone takes an action and actually creates a meeting with you or something like that, it will just automatically turn itself off and we'll send the email to anyone anymore and it will also It will actually continue if you get an out of office, which is one of my favorite things, because that happens. So I want to talk about the reason I want to talk about this is because sales and marketing, this is like that weird gray area, right where the sales team will they'll get all the leads, they'll get all the information, the marketing team feels like, Okay, great, my job's done. But if the sales team is sending out garbage, follow up emails, that could be written better, the marketing team should really be helping them. And that's kind of where you you have that gray area that you want to make sure you're kind of obviously assisting each other if you're not already doing that. So I kind of wanted to talk about how you can you can really leverage. So what we have set up is we have a marketing, we have the workflow setup where if someone books a meeting, it immediately sends a task for someone that they now have a meeting and it's at ease and then they have a meeting they talk to someone, then there's a ton of different sequences of sequences we've set up. So you have

reminders for follow ups on Hey, thanks for taking the time to chat with me. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this or you sent over someone a proposal for something. And now it's a Hey, I just want to make sure you got the proposal. And those are all follow ups. You can send up to at least on HubSpot, you're limited to a maximum of five follow up emails. And the biggest benefit of that is my my favorite thing to do is follow up someone twice a week. And I will start that process. Usually with just twice a week, just emails, I don't want to bother them too much. And so twice a week, you can actually set these sequences to just send on every Tuesday and every Thursday or however you want to do that to follow up with that person. And then as soon as it's done, it can create a task for you that then you can then go Okay, didn't answer any of my emails. I've emailed him five times now and I want to start to call them, you can call them a couple of times and then you can turn on another sequence where you now have another follow up and you can just consistently stay persistent until you at least get some kind of response to them. Now There's also a reengagement side to it. A lot of companies I've worked with I find their their lowest hanging fruit is the fact that they worked all these leads and the leads were like, Hey, you know what, this isn't a good time. And it wasn't that they weren't on qualified. It was just not great timing, in which case, a lot of times, the sales team will just stop following up with them. All right, it was a bad time. I guess they're not working out. Bad timing and unqualified are two wildly different things. And if you can say, Okay, these people are bad timing, you can actually set up an automated workflow in HubSpot that says as soon as someone goes into bad timing, wait, however long in whatever's relevant your company but wait six months, then create a task for me to try again and follow up. And then you can just create a create a sequence that immediately emails them five times, that basically just says, Hey, I know we spoke a while ago. I know it wasn't great timing. I just wanted to kind of get back to the top your inbox and see how things are going. If it's still bad timing, totally understand. Don't bother you. Something like that, hey, just following up and just following up that kind of thing. These are great ways to leverage the workflow in HubSpot, that then gives you the ability to do the sequence. And personally follow up with someone instead of just sending them a bunch of really random automated emails of here's a piece of content. Here's a piece of content, the inbound marketing side of things. I don't want to say it's done, but it can be slowed down, once they become a contact, once they become a contact. Now your sales teams emails need to kind of come into more of a play. You have to write those emails, much more calm, providing content, providing, you know, values, obviously fantastic. But I find a lot of these emails are Hey, I was just thinking about you. Here's a video that we just made that I think would be great for you. that a lot of times Yeah, that could definitely work but you need to reword that email to be a lot more personal. It needs to be more along the lines of, Hey, we just created this email. This video and I remember our conversation about x. And I feel like it might help you. I hope all as well tell the wife and kids I said I or something like that, but it's significantly more personal. And the nice thing about the sequences is that you can template out what it is you want to say, in all five of these emails, but then you can go in and just add your personalization to it, so that you can obviously then send this email out and have it be much more personalized. So if you have a CRM that you're leveraging, I really hope they have this functionality. It's one of my favorite things and HubSpot. You just like I mentioned earlier, I love marketing automation. So I highly suggest finding ways to trigger reminders to trigger a sequence because you can't at least in HubSpot, you can't automate triggering the sequence but you can automate a reminder for you to go trigger a sequence. And if you're if you have LastPass, or one password or whatever it is you guys use, you can definitely share it with a VA and just be like, hey, when I get this task, go trigger That sequence and then you never touched anything in there you've automated it and you outsource the simplest part of it.

So featured tool.

Obviously you don't want to say how about again so we did that yesterday. So let's see what sequences I feel like I should have had this prepped and ready to go and I wanted to use HubSpot again but it doesn't seem accurate to do it or it doesn't seem right twice.

So guess what sequences I'm gonna give some credit to a Grammarly a to grammerly don't send don't send emails with bad grammar and Grammarly is awesome. It works now with Google Docs and all that fun stuff but it definitely works in HubSpot to or at any other CRM I've been in many and it works just fine where it will tell me like hey, you spelled this wrong. Um, so thank you again for everyone for joining us. Please make sure you email me at marketing with any questions or comments or concerns or you just want to say hi, and rate review, subscribe. I'll see you all tomorrow.

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