How to Get More User Generated Content and How to Leverage It

How to Get More User Generated Content and How to Leverage It

On the 58th of Marketing Interruption, Andrew Maff talks about the benefits of UGC (User Generated Content), how to get more of it, and how to leverage it.


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Hello, and welcome to episode number 58 of the marketing interruption podcast. I'm your host, Andrew Maff Dunn. And today I'm talking to you about how to get more user generated content or UGC or whatever it is, you call it, and then of course, how to leverage it. So this is a very common thing that is extremely beneficial for a lot of e commerce sellers. And it's also very easy to get an easy to leverage for certain sizes. Some of the smaller sellers that we work with, it's a little bit more difficult, obviously, you need the volume behind this. And it's also sometimes difficult depending on the product line you sell. So for example, we've done transcription headsets and keyboards and stuff like that and getting people to post pictures that stuff is it's not happening. Um, so there there are certain times where this can work better. Now, that could still work. If you're doing it more of an influencer side or maybe not an influencer side. 



But you're doing it more on a shed, I don't know, like, oh, there was this big court case and the transcriptionist was using our headset or some shit like it, but it was trashed. Um, but for other things, I mean, I've mentioned the collegiate apparel guy who's done before we've done God knows how much stuff is pet products at this point, beauty health, that whole thing is easy for us, you see. So a lot of ways to get it. The easiest ways are social media hashtags, getting tagged and stuff, we've actually made it a habit. Now we're one of the automated emails that we set up. Almost every time once we're starting to work with someone is what we call UGC request where, essentially, depending on the product line, but usually between seven to 10 days after someone has purchased the product, we'll send out an automated email saying, you know, we hope you're enjoying it. If you have any questions, let us know. We would love to feature you on our social media, please feel free to take a picture of video and use our hashtag or tag us on social media. You know, for a while we started to do it, where we would offer people stuff just to do it, discounts or free, whatever. And it was interesting, because we found that people still would do it, even if we didn't offer them anything. And it really became an eye opening thing where we learned that essentially, there's people just want to be featured, they just want recognition, then if you have a big enough page where you have like 10s of thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers, and someone with 200 followers takes a picture of you and then they share it that like kind of makes their day and they love that. So getting featured by someone who has that big of a following is nice for them. So we've actually made that pretty easy. So all we did was set up an automated email to do that. Now if you want to do something a little bit deeper, you can do a retargeting ad, where you actually run an ad after a purchase. And you essentially just say, Hey, you know, we know you purchased with a recently comment below with a picture of whatever and every Friday, we're going to pick our favorites and the winner is going to get x or something like that. It getting the getting the content is relatively simple. Of course, you have reviews. So if you have something like yacht Po, where they can actually take a picture along with their review, or even take a video along with their review, then you have all that available as well. Typically, you want to reach out to them, make sure that you can in fact use that but it's already on your site. So most of the time, they don't care. So that's a lot of extra ways you can get that content now, leveraging It is great. It should all be reused on your site in any way that you can. If it's a very visual product, we usually suggest doing some kind of live feed on your website, have an instance of an Instagram feed or something like that where people can actually see that, which is actually another thing that Jaco offers. Then doing it in emails, doing it for social media, some of our smaller sellers who don't want to go into the big investment and jump off that cliff of creating custom, like beautiful content with like videographers and photographers and all that stuff. You can actually just completely run their social media off other people's posts where they don't even make their own content in certain cases, it's a great way to save money if you don't want to put the money into social media right away, which I wouldn't recommend, but it's also something you could do. So a lot of ways to get it a lot of ways to leverage it, it is a great tool because it seems to the average consumer that you're not trying to trick them into purchasing them with big fancy videos and photographs and trying to make it all beautiful and cool, you're actually showing a more natural your product in its natural habitat kind of thing. So it's a great way to actually kind of personalize that that purchasing process. So, again, UGC, set it up highly suggest it if you can get some do it. And, of course, you could also leverage influencer stuff too, if they send it to you. But influencers are a whole different podcast, and I'm gonna get cranky for that one. So anyway, rate review, subscribe.

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