Marketing Interruption Weekly Recap, Questions, And News | Ep 45

September 25, 2020 | Author: Andrew Maff

On the 45th episode of Marketing Interruption, your host Andrew Maff recaps everything that was discussed earlier in the week. He jumps back into driving traffic to Amazon, creating an omnichannel experience for your customers, preparing for BFCM, and how to increase your Facebook followers. Per usual, he touches on news and answers some user's questions as well.


Tune in and enjoy today's interruption!



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What Episode Number 45 marketing interruption I'm your host, Andrew Maff stone. And obviously we're on a recap week. So I'm going to touch a little bit more on everything that we talked about this week. So Monday I went through e-commerce sales You're sending traffic to their Amazon storefront, which causes a shit-storm of angry as Amazon sellers, which are my favorite people to deal with. Yes, I realized that most people don't like doing that Amazon, I think is become a lot better of a place for you to focus on Amazon advertising and get sales for Amazon's pre-existing traffic, don't give traffic to Amazon. But if you're an Amazon seller, and you're looking to find ways to improve your business, that is one way to go. Another reason we came up with that idea is we have in the past, used to work with a lot of Amazon sellers, specifically, that didn't have much of a presence offline off Amazon. And this was their way of kind of testing the off Amazon waters here they would drive traffic to Amazon, see what those sales looked like. And then if they looked good, they would realize that there are people off Amazon who are still weren't willing to convert, in which case we would start to build a better website and To go from there, creating an omnichannel experience, it's a very fancy way of saying please make sure your brand looks and sounds the same everywhere you put it. It sounds common sense, you'd be shocked at how many people don't do it. Preparing your campaigns for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, it is very soon, football is already started, which means next is Halloween. And then all of a sudden it's Thanksgiving. And it's here like it sneaks up on you. If you haven't done it already. I would make a reminder in your calendar for like three or four weeks ago to remind you for next year to do it ahead of time. I always started the first week of September. I couldn't get this podcast in time. Hopefully you've started already. Then yesterday we did the sneaky way of doing Facebook invites a small little story. So years ago when I first started in marketing, I was in music industry and I was in a band and I was always trying to find ways to do this and this this concept of inviting people who have liked your stuff has been around forever Facebook Never really changed it, they've made it much, much harder now that you have to have a code and all this extra stuff. And there used to be like extensions that worked. And there used to be like, other sneaky ways that you could do it. But there's really not anymore. But this is the new sneaky way. And it's worked for me for a couple years now, they haven't changed it yet. So go and invite all your Facebook fans. It'll definitely help build your page. But that was everything from the week, I didn't really have too much else I wanted to touch on. And of course, what I wanted to kind of take a minute to talk about here is, I would obviously love everyone to just take a minute and shoot me an email at BlueTuskr where Jesus did it again at I really like to make these Friday segments a little bit more about answering some questions that are more relevant to the things that I went over during the week. Right now I'm just kind of doing a recap. And I'm also been talking to a lot of other guests. I would love some feedback on what everyone wants to hear in terms of types of guests. I'm definitely going to bring on some other e-commerce sellers, but I'm questioning whether it's even want to bring on other vendors and things like that because I know we get tired of hearing people pitch the same crap. So we will figure out along the way we're going to do it as a journey. But of course, please rate review subscribe wherever you are listening to this. If not, I will see you all next week.

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