Marketing Interruption Weekly Recap, Questions, And News | Ep 50

October 02, 2020 | Author: Andrew Maff

On the very 50th episode of Marketing Interruption, your host Andrew Maff recaps everything from the prior week and touches on everything Amazon that was discussed. Amazon Live, the Amazon tech stack and the assumption of what is going to happen with Prime Day being in Q4 all gets reviewed.

Tune in and enjoy today's interruption!


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Hello, and welcome to episode number 50 of marketing interruption. I'm your host, Andrew Maff tone today, my mind is blown that I've done 50 of these already is 10 weeks podcasting is the same. I don't know a lot of people who've done podcasts for five years that have had 50 episodes, pumping these out daily is becoming interesting. But a good time, we're gonna keep going. So this week, talk about Amazon stuff. Obviously, Amazon Prime Day is coming up as I film this, and and record this, it's theorized that it will be about three or four weeks from now, when this comes out, I would imagine it will be like that week or the week after. We talked a lot about Amazon stuff this week, just because of everything going on with Prime Day and Amazon sellers. Obviously a big topic right now everyone's kind of getting ready. Plus the fact that normally around this time is when we would start prepping for holiday sales and things like that. So stuck to Amazon this week. So first talk about Amazon live had a lot of sellers asked us about if that was something that they should do for q4, we decided not to help in the nicest way possible. We still are consulting, we're still assisting and explaining like, here's what you should do, Here's what you'll need, here's what we think will work best. But we don't think that putting that much bandwidth driving more traffic to Amazon Is that necessary unless you only sell on Amazon. If you sell anywhere else, I would rather take that bandwidth and that traffic and that money you're going to have to spend to drive traffic to Amazon and put it elsewhere do more Instagram Live or YouTube or Facebook or somewhere where you're gonna get to keep the audience. The other issue too is with Amazon live is that if you start going live great, but people can't really follow you, they're not going to get a notification every time you live, there's no benefit to keeping that audience going in any way shape or forms, you have to do it all the time and start to build as much traction as possible, which you would almost have to do it daily. We also talked about Chrome extensions on Tuesday. And then on Wednesday, I also went into the product research tools, it's kind of a bit of the same thing depending on which one you're using. But talk about our preference for the our tech stacks is helium 10. Jungle Scout, unicorn smasher, they didn't pay us for this, by the way, I'm just giving them love because I like them. I would also say helium 10, I think is one of my favorites in terms of just having a full suite of different products that you can use. Jungle Scout, is probably the most detailed. And I would also say puts out the best content I would follow them on, especially in social media, but also their webinars and all the other stuff that they do love it. I'm not talking about Prime Day and what we think is going to happen, which has been a hot topic, it's been interesting, interesting conversation to have a lot of different sellers about what's going to happen, it's going to really come down to the same damn thing we always say, which is it kind of depends. It's going to depend on your product, it's going to depend on your company and where you're at on inventory and things like that. I still stand by that. I think the biggest worry for everyone shouldn't be Are we going to have a big q4, it should be are you going to be able to sustain q4, because you're about to have a pretty big pop in early October and then you're going to need to have enough inventory. And enough just everything in line within a month and a half of that. So it's going to be a struggle on Prime Day is now prime days to also where it's I think it's two days this year. So you know, it's going to be more of an operational issue, in my opinion, a lot of pee, but I think some of the sellers that normally had really big q fours are either going to not have as big of a q4 or some of the sellers that don't normally have a big q4 actually gonna have a bigger one it's going to be again kind of depends on what you sell. A lot of people that sell things that maybe we can't utilize right now may not typically do as well as they had before. So school supplies or luxury like apparel and things like that, I would assume probably won't do as well, this q4, just because we're probably going to see a regular consistency of the type of product that is sold in q4. But that was that was episode number 50. That was all I wanted to talk about today. I thought it'd be a nice little recap nice, quick little episode. I can't believe we did 50 of these. So I will see you for the next 50 Thanks.

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