Marketing Interruption Weekly Recap, Questions, And News | Ep 85

November 20, 2020 | Author: Andrew Maff

On the 85th episode of Marketing Interruption, Andrew Maff recaps this week's Final BFCM Prep Series and everything that was discussed for sellers to be doing to do final preparations for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. He touches back on tracking, testing, calendars, and what to do when the big weekend is finally here.


Tune in and enjoy today's interruption!



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So welcome to episode number 85 of the marketing interruption podcast. I'm your host, Andrew Maff. Stone. And today concludes the final Black Friday Cyber Monday prep series that we did this week, and a little bit of last week, where we basically went through everything that you should be doing between now and Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and basically it boils down to do fucking nothing. Relax. I know a lot of sellers, you're probably listening this going, what how, how could you possibly tell people to do nothing, I'm telling you, there's not a lot that you can do in the final week of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, it's going to make that much of a difference. In most cases, I'm sure someone is going to email me and tell me I'm wrong and then bullshit and that you could be doing this and this and this. And yeah, you could be out there just engaging on social media to spend some time you could be, you know, rearranging your warehouse, you could be doing 500 other things. But there's a difference between things that you could be doing versus things that you should be doing. So on Monday, we talked about that spreadsheet, again, if anyone wants it, shoot me an email, I sent it out to a few people already marketing to a big spreadsheet, I made for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, I can't give you that one.



But I have the paid ads one in the monthly one, I'll send you both. So you can tweak it enough so that you can still leverage it for Black Friday or Monday. It's basically the same thing. Assuming that email sending your way, I also talked about what to do all the stuff you tested. So if you haven't set up stuff for Black Friday, yet, you definitely should have by now. However, if you haven't, take the stuff you tested, take the stuff that did the best and run that do not do any more tests. Right now it's a bad time to do tests. I know there's a lot more traffic, and there's a lot more data to be had. But what you really want to do is you want to take the best of the best that you've learned from this year. And from prior years in your business, put that forward this year, and then learn something from this week, and then change it and test new things next year. So that next Black Friday is our Monday you do even better and you consistently have that incremental growth. We also talked about marketing calendar. I mentioned drawing something out with analytics. How HubSpot got one how SEMrush has one and to be honest, there's sem rush, I still don't know how to say that right?



Actually, if you know, can someone tweet me at Andrew Maff? Is it SEM rush or SEM rush? Because I talk to them all the time. And every time I talk to someone different. They say it differently. And I need to know I digress. Marketing calendar. My favorite is just Google Calendar. I know it seems a little inadequate, but it could you know we oh you can have it integrate with 500 things and it's a little bit easier and HubSpot. But the differences in HubSpot even though I prepped everything, so thus it automatically fills out in this calendar. I personally like to have an alert right before something goes live just so I know to check for it. So it really wouldn't work in there, which is why I prefer Google Calendar. And just you know map out every little thing that's going to go live during that time. Honestly, we have this year round. But the benefit is you can export it and save all that information. And then yesterday I talked about everyone just needs to calm the fuck down. Look, here's then there's not a lot you can do next week that is going to change the outcome of Black Friday Cyber Monday. Unless there is something big that you are working on that for some reason. The deadline is like next week.



But I have seen way too many sellers end up kicking themselves in the ass for overthinking things and not going with their gut, causing them to change something that ends up hurting them in the long run. You have to go with your gut go with what worked go with what you were happy with. Go with what you tested. And then just let that go and let everything that you set up be what you set up. Right now. In the beginning of next week. I'll be reviewing double checking everything is everything set is everything set for the right time. Did we set up the right things or anything else we need to be putting up there? No, great, don't touch it. Just let it go. Take a deep breath. It'll be happened. There's gonna be a great season. I think everyone's going to like, come out of here going all the shit. Everyone had a ridiculous back fries are Monday, we may have some folks on, I'll get it out. We may have some fulfillment issues, or, you know, some shipping issues. But you know, it's it's an interesting year. Rumors are that gift cards are going to be bigger this year because of people a little bit worried about getting stuff directly in time for the holiday.



But I don't know, print out a picture, so maybe fun. But uh, I think that's all I want to talk on today. I don't want to, I don't want to ramble on and give people too many things to be worried about. Everyone's going to do great. It's going to be an awesome weekend, it's going to be an awesome week, everyone's going to have a lot of fun. Everyone's gonna make a lot of money. Everyone's going to come out in q1 and go even though 2020 felt like the entire year was on fire. At least we're rich. So I'll be happy. I'll be good. If you're worried about anything at all. And you want me to look at something. I'm more than happy to do it. I'm not saying I'm going to charge you I literally just sometimes I'm like yeah, I'll take a look at it. I got nothing going on right now. shoot me an email, BlueTuskr, all that stuff. If you don't know the email marketing your option or you can just add us any social media anywhere app BlueTuskr or add Andrew Maff whatever you do, but good luck. Next week's podcast, it's gonna be really relaxed. I'm gonna find a cool way to make it super just fun and calm so you can all take a deep breath and enjoy your time. But good luck Black Friday, Cyber Monday. Rate review, subscribe. If you have any questions, shoot me an email and I will talk to you all next week. See you out there.

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