YouTube Content Ideas to Market Your E-commerce Business

YouTube Content Ideas to Market Your E-commerce Business

On the 71st episode of Marketing Interruption, Andrew Maff discusses several ideas for e-commerce sellers to consider when starting a YouTube channel like behind the scenes videos, how-to videos, influencer interviews, product videos, and more.


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Welcome to episode number 71 of the marketing interruption podcast. I'm your host, Andrew Maffettone. Today, I'm going to talk to you about YouTube content ideas for e commerce sellers. Oddly enough, I find that YouTube is an extremely underutilized channel for e commerce sellers. And I feel like the likes of like Gary, the Gary V's in the world, and, and Tom Reid and all those guys who are basically always pitching about like, you know, doing content everywhere. So blows my mind, there's not that many people on YouTube, or at least not a lot of e commerce sellers, mainly because it's I think it's this. I think it's the second biggest search engine next to Google, which is also owned by Google. Or is it the third that Facebook, I can't remember, it's it's one that's in the top three. So it's one of the biggest search engines and there's not that many ecommerce sellers on there. And I never really understood why. And I started to realize it over the past couple years when I talk to e commerce sellers about starting to do something on their YouTube channels. And they were like, I have no idea what to post about. And if you sit back and you just kind of think about it real quick, totally makes sense. Because it's kind of like besides some kind of like commercial looking thing, what are you gonna do? So, sat down and went through a bunch of different ideas and kind of narrowed it down to like our top four.



So obviously, one of them would be product videos, I know, we kind of just said like, obviously, that one's the most obvious. But if you can do like a one to two minute, like, showcase of the product, or even you know, a lot of people get those like 360 video, photos done and stuff like that, you can utilize that kind of thing and just do call outs. And it's interesting just to have that content out there and for it to exist. To me, those are fantastic videos to have, for people who are already visiting your channel. The other one that I think is a great, fantastic video to have for people that are already visiting your channel would be more like behind the scenes stuff. So if your product is made in America, or it's organic, or it's you know, non GMO, or whatever fancy crap is going on now, it would be great to have video of how it's made, where it's grown, how its manufactured, how it's built, go to your manufacturer, and get video of it, you know, do a walk through of your office, do a, you know, feature, you know, a certain department of people and show off your social team or your operations team or something like that. Just kind of give them behind the scenes. It really allows it really caters to that whole people don't like to buy from businesses they like to buy from people. So if you can really personalize the side of your business that is it's really kind of showcasing like we're humans too. It's not just some you know, ad that we showed you and then you purchase we're actually people and you know and give it more of like a lifestyle kind of feel that stuff works really well. Now, I mentioned those two because those two are great for if you're already getting traffic to your YouTube channel, because those are typically things that are searched so now the issue is how do we get traffic to your YouTube channel by stuff that people search.



So one of those and the easiest one is how to videos. It doesn't have to be a how to use your product, it can be a how to where you leverage your product. So if you're doing let's say you sell camping gear and you sell tents, maybe there's a how to set up a campfire and obviously your tent is there as well. Or maybe there's a you know how to do fishing in your tent is in the background or something. And it's almost like product placement. Like you would almost do in a movie or something like that but you're doing yourself these how to videos get so much traffic it's ridiculous how to videos are get the snippet on Google search engines, they get most of the searches because a lot of people who don't know how to do something, start with how to do X and Y. So starting something like that is fantastic. And it doesn't have to be completely relevant to your product because remember, you can retarget viewers, that's a whole Google Ads YouTube ads thing we talked about another podcast but if you can get people to view your product Now you're kind of building a community of viewers that are relevant to your product line, you can retarget them for a much, much less cost than you've done before, and do them through Google ads. Another way to get traffic to your YouTube channel is to do things like influencer interviews, or some kind of influencer feature. So you know, if you have, let's say you sell pet supplies and wife's a big fan of like Doug, the pug and



Tucker that golden retriever and stuff so doing an interview with a wavy with the owner would probably funnier do with the dog, but do an interview where you're actually showcasing a well known influencer on your page. Because if someone goes and searches, Doug the pug, and you can actually show up in one of those listings, you'll actually start to get a lot more traffic than you had before. So you're kind of looking at two different videos there, you're looking at some that that can drive traffic, your YouTube channel, you're looking for some where people can stay on your channel longer. And both of those combined, if you can really leverage them, well, you can retarget all of those viewers, and really start to show ads to them elsewhere and even kind of base it off of videos that they may have watched. Of course, it's great to add the subscribers, it's great to, you know, set up different links and stuff like that on kind of YouTube SEO guidelines, which I think we did another podcast. But there's a lot of, there's a lot of ways that you can win on YouTube. And it still blows my mind that there's not that many e commerce sellers out there that do it, I can understand it because it can be a bit of a headache, but take a quick video 510 minutes, send it off to a VA to edit it to make it look decent, who might take three or four hours to do it for you know, 10 bucks an hour and you just made a video for 40 bucks. It's it's definitely underutilized and I think that every ecommerce seller should do it. Questions, comments, concerns, all that fun stuff. If you need help with ideas or whatever, shoot me a message wherever it is you're listening to this or marketing or just add me directly at Andrew Maff wherever you feel like doing it. That's all I have for today. So rate review, subscribe and I will talk to you tomorrow.

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