Marketing Interruption Weekly Recap, Questions, And News | Ep 80

Marketing Interruption Weekly Recap, Questions, And News | Ep 80

On the 80th episode of Marketing Interruption, Andrew Maff recaps everything discussed during the week from promoting BFCM deals, giving your product an exclusivity feel, as well as trying out meme marketing or creating your own gifs. With BFCM right around the corner, it's all about small minimal adjustments to make it as best as possible!


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Hello, and welcome to episode number 80 of the marketing interruption podcast. I'm your host, Andrew Maff stone and today I'm recapping everything that we talked about this week. So this week, I kind of did a Black Friday, Cyber Monday feel I kind of got away with myself on Wednesday and Thursday with the whole like, gifts and memes thing, but I spun it in to be Black Friday related. At this point, if you're looking for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Ted's your little late anyway, so I don't I don't really feel bad. Um, but so on Monday, we talked about the promoting your deals ahead of time. So if you didn't start this week, let's see this comes out on the 13th, which means you're the next. So you're really pushing your luck, but you really should start promoting it next week as well. But if you haven't started already, I definitely suggest starting. We talked about, you know, different ways to promote Black Friday, Cyber Monday deals ahead of time. And a couple of people asked me like, why do you do this ahead of time?



Why would you bother promoting it, you know, early if it's not until then and people get confused and Baldwin? Yeah, it can get confusing. Sometimes, you know, the average consumer. And my favorite thing to say is the average consumer isn't dumb, but they're lazy. So unless you make it completely blatantly obvious and very easy for them to remember, they never remember, there's different ways to kind of do that. You can have them sign up for alerts or something like that, sometimes what we used to do would be, we'll create a landing page of just the information for Black Friday, Cyber Monday. And we would say sign up to get an alert when the sale goes live, in which case, we're probably sending out that email anyway. But it's kind of like that extra way of them saying like, I'm gonna get an email, knowing when it goes live anyway, so don't have to worry about it. There's a couple different ways to work around that. But as long as you make it clear, some people I've seen do really well where they'll do like a big banner on their website, it's a Black Friday, Cyber Monday sale, and it said, Don't forget, you're going to get blank off. And that will you can see that there's a number there, but it will say like overtop of it like censored or something or revealed, you know, Black Friday or something like that. So they kind of know that, hey, it's coming, was different way to do it.



But it's an interesting way to start driving traffic to your website, because you also have to think the more traffic and get your website now, the easier it's going to be to get them to come back later. Because a it's much, much less expensive to retarget people and then be there already more refreshing with refreshing, more fresh. they've, they've recently seen your brand, someone, someone tell me, how should they more refreshed with your more fresh, you got, um, we'll talk about the exclusivity. So that's an interesting way to do things. I have a couple brands who are actually doing something pretty similar with that. So you know, different ways to basically act like, you know, we're offering this deal to the public. But if you're a part of this group, we're going to offer you this better deal. Something along those lines. I also know one of the one of the companies working right now what we actually did is we're actually doing a big campaign over the past two, it's been live for a while, I guess this comes out of the 13th. So it's been live for two weeks. And it's still gonna go for another week after this comes out. And essentially what we did is we're doing a big push towards a Black Friday Cyber Monday deal that will only be offered in the newsletter. So we're not telling you we're not publicizing it anywhere.



We're not telling people on social media what it is we're not telling people on their website what it is, we're only telling people on the newsletter. And so basically what we're trying to do right now is to grow their list as much as we possibly can and then offer that discount out to only people who read that newsletter. Maybe we might end up doing a last minute like smaller discount but it won't be anything near what the newsletters are doing. So it's another interesting way to kind of make it exclusive and to tell beep tell people basically we're going to be offering an exclusive deal so get become a part of this group essentially. And then we talked about me marketing GIFs and my severe aversion to people who called GIFs. Meme marketing as someone someone did send me finally a me manager and local here in Philly which blew my mind which a you know what more people Boom, if it works, it works. I actually hope one day that BlueTuskr will be big enough that I'll just say Screw it, let's get a mean manager. So keep an eye out for that. But memes GIFs, stuff like that, it's a great way to give your give your product lines and character. It works really well if you can, if you have a broad audience. Or if you have a



more relaxed audience, I would say in a more professional setting, not a huge fan of GIFs or memes, I try to keep it a little bit more formal. So it kind of comes down to make sure you have your brand voice guideline like laid out, and your customer profile and all that stuff and really understand who you're talking to before you start throwing memes at them. But I would definitely say they can work really well, if you can hit the right audience with it. That's all I wanted to touch on today. So one of the other things that I'm going to mention is that next week, what I'm going to do is I'm going to do basically a Black Friday, Cyber Monday kind of prep, like what is it you should be doing to prepare? Because I find during this time of year, I get sellers who are just they're going a mile a minute, and they're just we got to do this and this and this? And what about this and this and this, and honestly, you get so anxious, and so like tightly wound that no one really starts to realize that by this point, chances are what you've put together, it's all it's gonna do. You there's really not much more you can do. Yes, I mean, well, I guess this comes out on the 13th. So you still have about a week or so to start pushing it. But you really that comes down to just ad spend newsletters content, whatever it is, you can do, put your brand name wherever you can.



But next week, I'm going to talk a little bit about what you can do in those final moments to kind of keep yourself busy, but not drive yourself crazy. Because you don't want to be changing bids. You don't want to be testing stuff. You don't want to be doing anything during Black Friday, sorry one day because you'll have completely inaccurate data. So that means during that timeframe, you really just need to be sitting on your hands. And just looking at your numbers and going well I hope this goes well because you shouldn't be changing things. So next week, I'm going to talk a little about that. So make sure you tune in next week. Rate review subscribe all that fun stuff. If there's anything specific you want me to touch on, shoot me an email let me know I'd be happy to answer your questions here on the podcast, but shoot me an email marketing or comment if you're reading of you're watching this on YouTube or reading it on our blog or whatever it is, wherever it is you are. But that's all I had. So enjoy your weekend. Obviously Good luck for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, but I will keep you all in that loop next week. Have you gone

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